Not this Year? 10/3/2015

So at our apartment we need to give a 60 day notice of what we plan on doing, whether  we are going to renew our lease or move out.   I sent an email to both our contactor and sales lady to ask them about our move in date so that we could makes some plans.  

Hi Colin, 
Kevin and I are wondering if you can give us a move in date.  We are currently renting an apartment and need to give a 60 day notice for move out.  When this all started we were told 4-6 months which would have put us moving in no later then November.  Julia had recently told us it may be closer to the beginning of Dec.  So we'd really like to get a better idea of an actual date so we can make plans.  
Thanks Colin!!! 

I didn't get a response back right away  but they did call Kev the same day that I asked if they received my email. 

Hi Elaine,


Yes, Colin and I spoke with Kevin this morning.  We do not have a completion date yet for your new home, as we are still experiencing some construction delays that are beyond our control.  Colin is confident that we can give you a better estimate once we get to the point of installing countertops.  You can see from the attached photo (taken today) that we are a ways away from that yet.  We advised Kevin to hold off on giving notice yet to your landlord, and in fact to expect that we may go into January.  We will keep you posted as we get closer.  In the meantime, you two are welcome to join us at Encanterra whenever you might like!  I hope to see you soon.



My response the next day after I couldn't sleep all night. 

Wow!!! I don't even know what to say about this.  I'm not sure you understand how much of an inconvenience this is.  I reluctantly signed a 6 month lease even though we were told it could be done between 4-6 months. And now I have to go longer then 6 months?  That is going to cost us an extra $600 a month.  
I don't understand how this is happening.  Construction delays that are beyond your control?  You don't have contractors that can do the job?  Shea was supposed to be different then other builders, better then other builders.  So far not so sure.  The sale of our home with Shea Realty was horrible and I really was hoping the home build would go so much better.  How is it that I have 2 friends that bought homes with different builders 6 weeks after us  and they have move in dates in December.  Actual dates, not we may go into January, but we'll let you know.  Im so frustrated right now. I'm very disappointed, very inconvenienced, and very very unhappy.  

Kev and I then went out to the house to see where it was at plus Kev hadn't been out there in a while.  A couple of days had gone by since my last email and I didn't hear anything.  But while we were at the house Julia, our sales lady, called to say she wanted to talk to me about my email. I told her we were at the house so she came right over.  It's the first time she had met Kev in person and she said to him, "I was just telling Elaine that I wanted to talk to her about her email."  And then I said, " Julia.......(pause and deep breath) I am so so pissed right now....I'm so pissed!!!"  And the BS started from there.  There are so many houses being built that they just can't keep up with the demand and they are not going to jeopardize doing things 1/2 assed just to get our house built.  Anyone buying new is being told a time frame of 10-12 months.  I of course said things all throughout her explainations and several times explained to her the time frame we were told and the notice we needed to give the apt and what was I supposed to do about having a place to live.  She kept talking and at one point I said as I pointed to my ears, "you know what I am hearing?  BULLSHIT!!! Just a bunch of bullshit.  I'm pissed."   So then it got kind of awkward and had some silence and Kev said ok, let's go eat.  And we left.  She said she'd keep us posted.  But basically the overall outcome was we won't be in til January.  And to be honest she wouldn't even totally commit to that. I wanted to cry when we left, but then Kev and I both said, it is what it is and getting worked up and upset isn't going to get our house built any faster.  
But I did get a few more pics. 

This is the garage.  It has windows so that will be nice cause it will add some light in there.  Kev is looking up at the attic and advised me it's pretty small so I'll need to be getting rid of some stuff in storage.  

And of course this is why we picked our lot.  I took this picture from our back patio.  I made it my screen saver so it will help to keep me calm and remind me it will be worth the wait. 

New Pictures

These are a couple of new pictures that we got from our contractor a few weeks ago.  Now that I'm not working right down the street I can't check on the house every couple of days so we like that he sends an occassional picture.  

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