June 27, 2010 Camp Activities

Alicia came back up to spend the day on Sunday and she brought Veronica with her, plus some steaks. When we were packing to leave Kev asked me, "do you have the steaks?" I answered yes. Then when we got to the trailer and I was putting the food away, I realized I didn't bring them. So she brought them with her plus his Sunday paper and of course she was his favorite of the day.

We were just getting ready to go hiking so all of us went on a hike together.

We took a different way back to camp which meant that Kev hiked back by himself to where we started the hike since we left the truck at the trailhead. He was upset when he got back to camp to find out that a couple of mexicans broke into his trailer!!!

There are always games to play. We had a few little tournaments between Yahtzee, Jerry Lawrence, Chuck-O and whatever else Kev could win at.

And of course more quad riding.
It was Janet's first time riding a quad. It was a slow start but once she got out on the road and felt comfortable, she gave it some gas.

But not as much gas as Alicia & Veronica give it.

June 26, 2010 My Favorite Hiking Trail

My all time favorite hiking trail is the one that goes all along the top of the rim. It is so amazing to see how beautiful it is from up there. The trail basically goes all along the rim. We took Janet there so she could enjoy it with us. It was a great hike with an awesome view.

June 25, 2010 Camp Visitors

Alicia and Kimi followed us up to our campsite on Friday morning to spend the day with us. Kev and I were going to stay the whole weekend, but they just wanted to come ride quads and hang out.

We had to give Kimi the whole camp experience which is driving around looking for elk and hopefully you are the one that spots the most. It's a pretty big competition. We were driving for a long time before we saw any so she wanted to know how the game works again. Do we drive around til we find one and then you chase them? So as soon as we saw some her and Alicia jumped out to chase them.

Kev spotted this big guy on the side of the road....check out the rack on him!!!

The night ended with our last visitor making it to our campsite. Janet had driven over from Flag to stay for the weekend.

June 23, 2010 Diamondbacks Game

Went to the Diamondbacks vs Yankees game with my friend Meredith. Kev had gone to a Yankees game a couple days earlier so he told me to just take a friend. So Meredith went with me and we had to work hard at cheering for the D-Backs, there were Yankee fans everywhere. It was a really good game but unfortunately we lost. We booked it out of there fast so we didn't have to hear all the taunts at our own ballpark.
Cool thing was that Meredith hasn't been to a game since she has lost all her weight, which is over 100lbs and she loved how easy she fit into her seat!!!

June 22, 2010 Bowling

My girlfriend Shelly & I were talking and decided that we wanted to go bowling for something to do one night. We talked Barbara and Mary into joining us and what a fun time we had. We went to this bowling alley that none of us even knew existed. It is tucked away on 12th St & Dunlap. A good little secret cause only 4 lanes were being used. It might have something to do with the fact that randomly your pins just fall over and sometimes when you roll a ball you get credit for a spare and sometimes you don't. Regardless, it was fun and we are ready to join a league!!

Everyone has their own way of celebrating rolling a good ball.

Don't be jealous of my outfit....you know you want those shoes!!!!

June 20, 2010 Father's Day

For Father's Day we spent the day at home. Paul came over & so did Heather and her boyfriend Brent. We sat out at the pool had some burgers on the grill and just enjoyed the day.

Alicia made this cute litte framed poem for Kev.

June 18, 2010 The Bowling Stones

JR & Madeline bowl in this Charity Bowling event every year. JR sponsors the team from his work, Preferred Communications. Our team consisted of JR, Madeline, her mom and dad, Lupe & Frank and then Kevin & I. The theme for this years event was Battle of the Bands Bowl-a-Thon. Our team name was the "Bowling Stones" Pretty cute huh? Evidently others thought so too cause we won 1st place for the best team name.

Madeline designed our outfits. She bought us all the same t-shirt and then us three women got cool guitar purses.

It was a fun time, but the funniest thing was when Madeline biffed it. It was her turn to bowl, so she throws her ball and her glasses went flying. She had them hanging off her cool purse. So she is looking around to see if it's okay if she goes to get them because they are across the line. No one is really watching so she tries to basically sneak over the line and reach over to get them. Whoooooooop, there she goes into the splits. The floor was so slippery she just went down, and then she couldn't get up so she starts crawling. I am laughing, even now as I type this. JR goes up to her and says, "Madeline, do you need to go home?" Like she was being grounded or something. It was so funny. But the sad thing is she really hurt her knee bad. But again, it was so funny!!!

June 17, 2010 The Bear

Since the trailer was already up on the rim, Kev wanted to go up and spend the night. It only took us about 1 hr and 45 minutes to get up there and the next day was his day off.

We drove a short distance from camp on our quads and found this road that is now closed. We decided to park the quads and just take off for a hike. The farther we got down the road the more curious Kev got to see where the road ended up.

So there we were walking in the woods. We are about 5 miles into our hike and Kev stops and says "hey, there's a bear". Now you know Kev likes to joke and scare so I say "where's a bear?". Never thinking there's really a bear. Low and behold, there's a bear across the meadow. Click on the picture, you can see him. I'm thinking, so do we start running, what do we do? Kev is all calm and we just stand there and watch it walk in the opposite direction.

We were trying to find out where the road ended up but decided that it was time to turn around. No need to feed the bear, seeing the bear was enough!!!

June 5, 2010 Amy & JD's Wedding in Greer

We went to Greer for the wedding of one of Heather's best friends from high school, Amy. She and JD had their wedding at the Greer Lodge. The wedding was out in the meadow and then the reception was in the lodge. It was a beautiful wedding and such an awesome place for the whole event.

Heather was the maid of honor in the wedding.

Heather and another one of her best friends from high school, Holly.

Heather and her roommates, Cassie & Melissa.

Heather & her friend Holly gave a toast.

Heather was on a mission to make sure no one got in her way of catching the bouquet, which she did catch!!

Heather and Brent dancing after she caught the bouquet and then her wearing the garter that Brent caught.

June 1 - 4, 2010 Hiking

We hiked every day when we were up north. Sometimes we found trails and sometimes we just took different roads around where we were camping.

This is a trail that we came across when we went into Greer to go fishing. We ended up doing this one a couple of different days. It's not a long trail, it took us about 20 minutes from start to finish. We wanted to hike longer, so we decided on the days we did this trail to go around twice.

We found this trail that is actually a trail used for cross country skiing. We started out on Pole Knoll which is a pretty flat trail and then found a trail called summit trail and it said it was a little more difficult. Kev laughed and said "ok lets take a little more difficult trail". It definitely was more difficult, all up hill. We both wondered how skiiers could make it up the hill but I guess it's good training. I'm sure they loved it going downhill!!!

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