3 Day Fundraising

A few weeks ago Alicia called for a meeting to talk about the 3 Day and how we can raise some money.  It's required that every individual raise at least $2300 to participate.  I wish it wasn't so much, and I think that's what keeps some people away from participating.  I'm sure it's not the 60 miles you walk, you know 20 miles for 3 days in a row.  The first day is so exciting cause you have finally come to the day you've trained for.  But then comes the 2nd day of another 20 miles and you think, what the heck was I thinking?   And finally the 3rd day, a new excitement comes because it's over....I mean you've actually done it.  You've walked 60 miles, you walked 20 miles for 3 days in a row.   No, that's not what keeps people away, it's the $2300!!!  Everyone asks me what the hardest part of the 3 Day is and I tell them, it's raising the money.  It's hard to ask people for money year after year.  Some people expect it and love it and are so generous and others think, hey I gave you money last year.  

So we had a meeting.  Yes, in January we are talking how to raise money for a walk in November.  We are really trying to get a jump on it.  We have new people this year.  Yea...Virgin Walkers!!!!  It's so exciting that friends have decided to join our team.  Right now we have 9 people on our team with a possibility of more.  First timers will be my Sister Mary, my friends Kim, Meredith and Terri.   Then returning will be Alicia,  my sister Janet, my niece Nicole and Nicole's friend Cigi who walked with us years ago, and myself.  Rita's Ramblers is growing and along with the fact that we will be raising alot of money for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, we will once again have a team that will be walking in honor of my mom, Rita.  Our team last year was only 2 of us, Alicia and I, so to have 9 people committed already is awesome!!!

Ok so the meeting....LOL.  We talked about different ways we could raise money throughout the year. Trying to do something at least once a month just to be bringing in some funds so we can all reach our goals easier and faster.  Here are some of our ideas:  A Garage Sale, the Brush Bar, Selling Salsa, Bunco for Boobies, Selling Butter Braids, Virtual 5K, Quarter Auction, another Garage Sale, Restaurant Fundraisers, Coins for Cancer and I can't remember if their were others.  But they are all great ideas and will hopefully generate a good amount of money.

First up was a Garage Sale which we normally do in the fall around Sept/Oct.  At the meeting I discussed the fact that my neighborhood was having one on MLK Saturday and since it was already being advertised we might as well put some stuff out and see how we do.   We did $800 good, is how we did!!!  Different people gave us items they were getting rid of and we took advantage of that.  We sold it and made money. It was a lot of work on Friday night putting it all out and sorting etc,  and we were busy pretty much all day Saturday, but we also made $800!!!!  We are off to a great start.
We had one small little lull in the day, and this is what you do....you play dress up.

Next we are going to the Brush Bar on Sunday.  The Brush Bar is a fun place that you basically get instructions on how do to a painting that is picked out for that day.  They are amazing people there, very fun and creative and so generous.  They will donate $15 per person that we have attend the painting day.  Plus they have always donated 2 free classes to us to raffle off to make extra money.
This is the picture we will be painting on Sunday.  I hope mine can come somewhat close.  LOL

I believe our next couple of events will be selling Butter Braids, which are amazing filled pastries that you keep frozen, defrost overnight and then bake....oh so yummy.  Then we will have our West Side Bunco for Boobies at Mary's house in April.

Looking forward to all we have tried to plan, but really looking forward to making a good amount of money for such a great cause and awesome group of women!!!

Losing Weight

It's a constant battle for me to be losing weight. It seems to go on and on.  I'd have to say that unfortunately  right now I am the heaviest I've ever been.  I'm admitting what is obvious but not proudly.  This has been a very emotional and depressing time for me these last 12-24 months.  So many changes that I feel all ran thru me.  And of course I am one of those people that takes it all in and that's where it stays.  Which I'm  sure had brought on my huge sleeping problems.  
I say I can sleep anywhere and that's pretty true cause I always seem to be tired.  There were nights that it would take me hours to fall asleep or I would wake up and be up for two or three hours.  I feel like this has gotten better but only cause I take a sleeping pill every night.  Sometimes I need it to help me fall asleep and sometimes I need it so that I'm not waking up every couple hours all night long.  
I started with the sleeping pills because being in full blown menopause is sucking the life out of me for the 4th year, but these last two have completely been the worst. Between massive hot flashes all day and then night sweats all night I couldn't get any sleep.  I tried so many different methods to try and get it all under control but no such luck.  
I don't want to blame anything or any reason or make excuses because I have gained a lot of weight but I do have to say with my body fighting me in every way it can between emotionally and physically and not sleeping it definitely wasn't helping.  And it definitely isn't easy either. 
What to do....what to do.....besides crying and praying and being sooo depressed about it, it's hard.  I know a few things about how things are right now, and I'm not happy about them.  I don't like that I am as heavy as I am, I don't like that being this heavy is very uncomfortable, nothing fits or looks good, I'm embarrassed for sure and that in turn makes me want to keep to myself.  I'm not trying to be a big whiner, I know it's all on me to take care of this , but I just have to voice how much it sucks.  How angry it makes me.  How sad I get.  Everything...all those feelings and thoughts that come with when your mind, body and life are not where you want them all to be at the same time.  Something needs to change so...... Changes are coming.  Changes are definitely coming.  
And Thank God!!! 

Wedding Photos

Here are a few of the amazing pictures from Heather & Peter's unforgettable wedding day.  Their wedding was at the Royal Palms in Scottsdale which is very pretty, but nowhere near as pretty as Heather was.

I absolutely love this picture of Kev and Heather, they both look so happy and he is just booming with pride

 I do have to say that this is one of the most amazing wedding pictures I have ever seen.

Heather was a beautiful bride and Peter was so handsome.  They make such a great couple and their day will be one to remember in so many ways.  


After sharing this picture on my Facebook page for a few months,  I decided to make it the first picture of my first post of 2014.  It's a great motto to live by, don't you think?  And I have to say the past few years this is something that Kev and I have done.  

Last year we went to Niagara Falls and parts of Canada. 

The year before that we had lots of trips to Flag plus lots of camping including camping with friends.
The year before that we went to Seattle, Oregon and other parts of Canada.
No matter where we go whether it's up in Flag at Janet's or up north camping or even out of state we always seem to find a place that we have never been before.  Looking forward to see what's to come in this new year.  

As of January 2009, I no longer have a job. It's not that I lost it, but after 26 1/2 years of working at the Post Office, I retired. According to everyone I know, I don't do anything all day, so I decided to start a blog. Now I can blog about what I don't do all day. I am married to Kevin, who is the most awesome husband I could ever have. It's because of him, that I do not go to work any more. I love that and I love him for that. Between the 2 of us we have 4 children. Hunter 31, Heather 29, Paul 28 and Alicia 26.