Back splash & Landscaping 12/26/2015

What else should we do the day after Christmas and 4 days before move in but check on the house.  That's right I said 4 days before move in.  We are having our walk thru in 2 days and then will close on the 30th.  There has been a major rush with getting everything done with the house as well as needing all kinds of paperwork again.....don't even get me started on that.  But here's what we found, the back splash in our bathroom was put in as well as the mirror.  Doesn't it look awesome?  I love it and it really ties the bathroom together since it's in the shower too.  

 And then the landscaping is done.  We have a very small yard which Kev is thrilled about.  No more spending his days off doing yard work and taking care of the pool.  So we did pavers on the patio, not sure why I didn't get a picture of that and then we brought them out a little bit past the house.  This is a spot where we'll put a table and chairs set.  Then we also have this small patch of grass.  And like I said Kev won't be doing yard work, it's fake grass!!!

 So the garage door and the front door are this dark brown which looks awesome with the tan house color as well as the brick edging and paver driveway and front porch.
 This is the rest of the landscaping done.  A few small plants that will grow nicely but not overwhelming, and then some palms.  Simple, low maintenance and not desert.  Well I guess it is a little desert since we did a rock yard but no cactus!!! Move in day is just around the corner.

A New Tree 12/21/2015

Nothing new except that the landscape is being put in.  When Kev was meeting with the landscaper and they were going over things he had to keep telling the guy we didn't want desert landscaping.  When I went with him one time and the guy had this plan drawn up and what he was putting where I was like no, no, ugly, no way, never and so it went.  We didn't want palo verde trees, and we didn't want cactus and we didn't want bougainvilleas.   We did some research and found stuff we liked and we had three of these ficus trees in our backyard and loved them.  So here is the start of the new yard.  A nice big ficus tree.  

Granite 12/19/2015

It's so crazy how fast everything is moving now.  Another trip out to the house and we found lots of surprises.   Our granite was installed in the kitchen and both bathrooms.  We picked out this kind of gray/white speckled granite for the kitchen to go with the cabinets and floors. And you know you pick it out with this little 4x4 square so who knows how it's really going to look.  But once we saw it we loved it, especially with the subway tile back splash we picked to go with it.  The only thing left to be done in the kitchen is the appliances.  

 For the two bathrooms we picked out the same granite and it's pretty much black.  It does have a few specks of light gray in it but we really liked it as well.   In our bathroom we did top mount sinks and in Alicia's we did an under mount.  (Check me out using all the right lingo.  Oh and did you know that where the toilet goes is called a water closet?) Anyway, we are also going to have a small back splash done before they put the mirror in.

 This is the tile that is in the bottom of our shower.

 Look at that shower head!!!  I can already tell a nice hot fully flowing shower is going to be heaven.  In the shower the decorative tile in there is what is also going to be our back splash on our sink.  I love it.
 We are even decorating outside.  We decided to go with a paver driveway as well as a paver patio in the back.  I love the way it looks.  It's not done yet but there will also be pavers going from the driveway to a front porch which is going to all be pavers as well.

 And this is the color of the house.  A nice tan color with a little bit darker trim.  Much much better and or course it was the first thing Kev noticed pulling up and made that same comment.  "This is much much better, this is what I picked out."   Too funny.  Not too much longer and it will all be done and we'll be moving in.

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