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Kev just came in and saw me working on my blog.  He kind of leans over and checks it out and says, "oh that's much better,  I like it like this."  hehe   Once again voicing his opinion about how he did not like my weekly missions.  Still up in the air about it but how do you like the picture updates so far?

February 27, 2012

All the kids were over for dinner to celebrate Heather's birthday, and since getting them all together at once doesn't happen too often I had to get a picture while I could.  

Climb to Conquer Cancer 2012

Once again time for the Climb to Conquer Cancer up South Mountain.  Our team consisted of 12 people, which was awesome cause as long as you have 10 you can get your team name on the back of your shirts. 


Went for a hike with Alicia and Laura.  Kev asked how far they wanted to go, and Alicia said she was good til 5:00.  So we went out for about 8 miles, which ended up being a little longer then anyone really wanted to go.  Especially since when we stopped about 1/2 way to eat something, we realized we didn't bring the extra water we had in the car.  Ooops...kind of thirsty!!!  

Check out Kev.....Really??? we have to stop so you can take a picture?  
 Then someone came up on the trail and saw me take a picture of the 3 of them and asked if I wanted another one with all of us.  Love that....I do that to people all the time.

Rob's 50th Birthday

My friend Michele that I met at Weight Watchers had a surprise party for her husband Rob, who I also know through WW.  He was turning 50.    The party was at San Tan Flats.  He was completely surprised and it was so much fun!!!

This is the year of 50 year olds!!!

Cabo Birthday Trip

I just really wanted to go away for my birthday.  Everyone said I needed to have a party cause after all, I was turning 50, but I just wanted to do something special.  Kev found a deal on the internet and said "I found this all inclusive place in Cabo, so let's go there."  That was a big shock, coming from Mr, I will never go to Mexico!!  But we did , and it was amazing.  It was just what I wanted and definitely something I will remember.  I posted pretty much all my pictures on Facebook, but here are some again, with a few stories to go with them.  

This was the view out of our room.  This was one of those hotels that I would say I always wanted to stay at, right on the beach.  Pool or Ocean, right out the door.  
This was my favorite pool to lay at.  It was one of those negative edge pools but it faced the ocean.  What a great view, and so relaxing.  
There were four of these hammocks also, right on the beach.  I was amazed at how comfy they were.  Of course we both tried them out, even stayed and had a few drinks in them, but what a bitch to get out of.  LOL

 The hotel next door had these little grass shade huts.  Kev kept saying he wanted to be under one of them.  He even said next time we come, lets go there so we can use the grass huts.
Our hotel had shade cabanas too, but he was intrigued by the grass ones that these just didn't seem as good.  
 Alicia gave me this hat cause she thought it was cute and that I needed a shade hat instead of just throwing on a visor.  Every morning Kev would go down and put our towels and my hat on beach chairs to save them.  Who would ever think of stealing a chair with this cute hat on it?
 They had a Super Bowl party on Super Bowl Sunday.  Free drinks and food of course and let me tell you Kev definitely got his share.  After the party they had a bonfire on the beach, with more drinking.  So at the end of the night we were going back up to our room and had to go up these stairs to get to the elevator.  Kev was pretty drunk at this point and he fell down the stairs.  Now he says it's cause the stairs curved and that I pushed him but if they had been straight he wouldn't have fallen.  OK....we believe you.
 But at the end of each day...always the same thing.  A beautiful sunset.
It really was an awesome trip.  Definitely a 50th birthday to remember.  

Party at Kim's House

I thought I was going to a purse party at Kim's house.  When Alicia and I pulled up I said, "Wow, Kim's got a good turn out, this is going to be a good party."  Well of course it was a good party, it was a surprise for me!!!  Kim wanted to get a few friends together and make sure we celebrated my turning 50!!  
At treeburn this year, Madeline and I had found out about this Fireball Whiskey.  It was so yummy, tastes just like Hot Tamales.  So as a present to me, Madeline had bought me some of both.  I poured shots right away so everyone could have a taste.  
Madeline also gave me this awesome hat that has a headlight built in it.  I had borrowed JR's when we were in Yuma and just loved it.  I only wished I could have had it when I was hiking the Grand Canyon in the pitch black!

Me and my girls!!!
 We'll always be related, Alicia & Veronica and Madeline & I.
A few pictures of some of the other people that came:
        Terry McDow

        The Bahama Mamas, Kim, Holly, Becky & Me
            Meredith, one of my WWF's
           My old neighbor, Holly
 It isn't a good picture unless there's a random hand and dog in it right June?

Suns Game

JR & Madeline invited us to go to a Suns game with them. They have great seats and you even get to go to the area that has the food buffet and bar. It was so fun.
Of course one of the timeouts they come out and start tossing t-shirts. Well I am jumping up and down in the aisle for the guy to throw me one. We have eye contact and he hauls one up to our seats. I'm pretty sure Kev tipped it, but however it happened, it landed in Madeline's beer and splashed her everywhere. I didn't really care at first cause I had to fetch my t-shirt.
                                So worth a spilled beer!!!

March 31, 2012

It's been brought to my attention in more ways then one, that my blog really needs some work. Last year my picture a day was alot of fun and although I fell behind at times on posting I did have a post/picture for everyday. My thought of doing something different this year with my weekly missions came with great intentions, but as you can see there hasn't been a weekly mission since January. Kev told me he didn't like my blog with the missions, he thought they were boring....I needed some pictures. I was still going to post pictures or life happenings, but didn't really get around to it. So at this point I'm not sure what direction I am going to go with my blog. Missions? No Missions? Not sure. But for now, I'm going to post some pictures and stories to go with them. That way I will at least be somewhat current and then I'll go from there.


I thought I would give you something to smile about. More to come :)
As of January 2009, I no longer have a job. It's not that I lost it, but after 26 1/2 years of working at the Post Office, I retired. According to everyone I know, I don't do anything all day, so I decided to start a blog. Now I can blog about what I don't do all day. I am married to Kevin, who is the most awesome husband I could ever have. It's because of him, that I do not go to work any more. I love that and I love him for that. Between the 2 of us we have 4 children. Hunter 31, Heather 29, Paul 28 and Alicia 26.

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