Day 11 Learning

One of the things I have been saying for a long time is that I need to go to the Apple Store and get some extra info and help with my iPhone.  I've had it for a while but I still know I need to learn what I'm missing.  I did find this post on Pinterest so until I get to the store I may start here. I pinned it, but have not read it yet.  

Day 10 Neighbor

Here's an odd post cause I can't get a picture of my neighbor.  If you are facing my house, the house to the right has new owners in it.  They moved in right after Thanksgiving and we have yet to see them.  Not sure how many people, kids, nothing.  The neighbors on the other side aren't out much either, but we do know them and at least say hello and wave.  They have 5 year old twins and a 9 month old baby.  If I somehow get a neighbor picture I'll post it on another day.

Day 9 Flower

Right now none of the bushes I have in the backyard have any flowers on them.  My gardenia bushes by the front door do not have any flowers on them, and I don't have any fresh flowers in the house.  I thought about opening the container of the flour in the kitchen and taking a picture of that, but then I figured that wouldn't count cause with the spelling, it meant a flower of some sort. So I took a picture of a picture hanging in my living room.  This was a picture that was donated to us for our 3 Day garage sale from Alicia's friend Stacy, and I just really liked it and couldn't part with it.

Day 8 Opposites

Here are my opposites for day 8.   The features on these two girls are definitely different.  One has light hair the other one dark.  One is petite the other one isn't.  It's so fun to see how they are each their own person and different is so many ways.

It's not a picture I took today, but they had come to mind when I was trying to think of something was opposite, and this is a cute picture of them so I wanted to post it.  

Day 7 Key

Right away when I saw this, I thought that's boring, a picture of a key.  So I decided that I would post this quote I had found.  

It has the word key in it, and it has a picture of a key so it works right?  Plus this is something that I struggle with alot...losing weight.  I am good for a while, then slack off and it just is this vicious cycle.  But if you read the find print, that's the key....never give up!!

Day 6 An Addiction

Off the top of my head my first thing I thought of when I read this picture title was Diet Coke.  I love my diet coke.  I think I could say right now that I don't have to have it like I use to.  I use to start at 4:00 am and drink it til I went to bed.  I would quit for Lent and then go through major withdrawals. But I can say now I don't need it like I use to, I just really like it.  I'm currently not drinking it, but I crave one every day.

Then I also thought of the fact that I get on Facebook every day, and usually several times a day.  I love checking out pictures people post and just keeping up on what's going on.  I think I would miss it alot if I gave it up, so yes that would be another addiction.  

I love to watch TV.  I love to watch certain shows, I love to catch a good movie on it and hello HGTV. I just really enjoy watching TV.  When people say to me that they don't watch TV or they rarely watch it, I call bullshit.  Although it may be true, they just don't know what they're missing.  

And I can't leave out....chocolate.  If I could just eat chocolate every day and not worry about what it would do to my weight I would.  I do like my chocolate.  Actually I'm a sweet eater, but I tend to lean to the chocolate sweets especially.
I'm sure I have other addictions if I sat down to think about it, but off the top of my head these were the ones that came to me first.  

Day 5 Now Playing

Does that mean what I'm listening to on my phone's iTunes account? What's on the tv?  Or how about what's currently playing at the movie theatre?  I guess any  of the above would work but I didn't go with any of those.  I decided that I would go with this now playing.  
We gave Annaliese one of those books that has the different symbols that you hit while reading the story and different music or sounds or voices play.  She was loving turning the pages and just hitting all the different sound boxes. So today, that's what's now playing. 

Day 4 Behind You

went hiking today and took a few pictures of Alicia and I on the trail, but forgot to look what the photo of the day was suppose to be.  I could have taken some of the trail, or the hills we climbed or even Alicia if I was in front of her, but I didn't.  lol  So I just took this picture of Kev putting the fixings on a grilled hot dog while I was sitting on the couch.  
Note to self, check list or there will be more random last minute pictures like this one.

Day 3 Hair

I thought this was a weird topic and if I had been somewhere that I saw some funky or weird hairstyles it may have been an interesting post.  Instead you get a picture of my hair, which I just finished coloring.  

Day 2 Skyline

I'm not sure, but you might call this a sunrise.  For me this was the skyline shot I got this morning before the start of a 5k run I did.  

January Photo a Day

A few years ago I did a little project of posting a photo a day for a year.  It was fun and even though there were times I fell behind posting I still overall had a picture for each day of the year.  Some of them were random at times and that's cause I didn't know what to take a picture of.  I have seen some different ideas on Pinterest but I've decided that I am going to start with January doing a photo a day.  I have felt like I haven't been keeping up with my blog and I think this will help me stay on top of it and I'll post more because of it.  
This is a list I found that I like and am going to use.  All the different lists I saw had so many ideas but this one stuck with me.  I know today is the 2nd so I have two posts to make to catch up.

I, like many other people, make differnt resolutions or goals the first of the year.  One of mine is keeping up on my blog so I've already posted that  Another one is is kind of a combo goal. I really want to stay on top of exercising and losing some weight.  That seems to be one I say every year but I am working hard on it right now and here is something I am doing with Meredith and Dave.
I am not running, but walking.  We are making a team of the three of us and will have to accumulate 2015 miles by the end of the year.  This will keep me on top of doing some walking regularly.  I have been going to Orange Theory regularly so my exercise is on track right now.  My eating seems to be on and off but that's something I hope to get better at as well.  This year for sure I am losing weight!!!!

One other important goal/resolution this year for me is to spend more time being grateful.   This can happen in so many ways, whether it be more prayer/church time, volunteering, having a better attitude, helping others.....whatever.  But God has been so good to me, and I feel like sometimes I do not do as much as I should to be thankful.
So there you have it, day one is posted.  Since I didn't post this til today (Jan 2nd), I will have to get my skyline pic tomorrow which is day 2 as well as day 3's photo.

First Day of the Year

I feel like we had just been in San Diego doing the 3day and now here it is January 1st.  In my mind I have a lot of things about what I am thinking and feeling about this year but that will be later.  For now I want to post this super cute picture of Alicia and I taken this morning at a brunch we went to at Laura & Megan's.  It was really fun and everyone brought something delicious to eat. 
Great start to the first day of the year.  And actually I started my day by going to an Orange Theory workout class and then I ended it with doing a 3 mile walk tonight.  Feeling good.  Happy 2015!!! 

As of January 2009, I no longer have a job. It's not that I lost it, but after 26 1/2 years of working at the Post Office, I retired. According to everyone I know, I don't do anything all day, so I decided to start a blog. Now I can blog about what I don't do all day. I am married to Kevin, who is the most awesome husband I could ever have. It's because of him, that I do not go to work any more. I love that and I love him for that. Between the 2 of us we have 4 children. Hunter 31, Heather 29, Paul 28 and Alicia 26.

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