January Photo a Day

A few years ago I did a little project of posting a photo a day for a year.  It was fun and even though there were times I fell behind posting I still overall had a picture for each day of the year.  Some of them were random at times and that's cause I didn't know what to take a picture of.  I have seen some different ideas on Pinterest but I've decided that I am going to start with January doing a photo a day.  I have felt like I haven't been keeping up with my blog and I think this will help me stay on top of it and I'll post more because of it.  
This is a list I found that I like and am going to use.  All the different lists I saw had so many ideas but this one stuck with me.  I know today is the 2nd so I have two posts to make to catch up.

I, like many other people, make differnt resolutions or goals the first of the year.  One of mine is keeping up on my blog so I've already posted that picture...lol  Another one is is kind of a combo goal. I really want to stay on top of exercising and losing some weight.  That seems to be one I say every year but I am working hard on it right now and here is something I am doing with Meredith and Dave.
I am not running, but walking.  We are making a team of the three of us and will have to accumulate 2015 miles by the end of the year.  This will keep me on top of doing some walking regularly.  I have been going to Orange Theory regularly so my exercise is on track right now.  My eating seems to be on and off but that's something I hope to get better at as well.  This year for sure I am losing weight!!!!

One other important goal/resolution this year for me is to spend more time being grateful.   This can happen in so many ways, whether it be more prayer/church time, volunteering, having a better attitude, helping others.....whatever.  But God has been so good to me, and I feel like sometimes I do not do as much as I should to be thankful.
So there you have it, day one is posted.  Since I didn't post this til today (Jan 2nd), I will have to get my skyline pic tomorrow which is day 2 as well as day 3's photo.

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