Painted House and Cabinets 11/29/2015

Kev and I decided to go out and check on the house.   We are driving up to the house and he's like, "are you kidding me?  There's no way I would have picked that color."  Now he is saying all this and we have barely pulled up to the house, we aren't even out of the truck yet.  So we get out and he is just beside himself.  "I hate it, I fucking hate it!!  Why would we pick this?"  And on and on it went.   Now I'm not saying a word, cause I didn't like it either but I did not want to add fuel to the fire.  In my mind I'm the hell am I going to live with him bitching about the color of this house for the rest of our lives?  

So we go inside and start checking out what else is new.  They put the cabinets in.  They are this grey color that we picked cause Kev had seen them on one of the HGTV shows that I watch, and then he started to look at them on Pinterest and we really liked them.  We staggered them so they are not all in a straight line.  Super excited about them.   But as we are checking them out, the house color is still the topic of converstation..."I hate it, I just hate it."   

They also layed the tile.  It's kind of hard to tell how pretty it is cause it's dirty and all those white things are the spacers, but it's a dark gray.  We had it installed at an angle.  We saw it that way in one of the models and just loved it.  It is in all the open living area and the hall bathrooom, and then there is carpet in the two bedroooms.  

They also layed the tile for our shower.  I just love the shower.  Actually, I finally have a real shower.  At the other house, there was not a shower in our bathroom and then the other two bathroom showers were tub showers.  This one is going to be amazing with nice glass doors, a little bench and an awesome shower head.   It's gonna be sooooo enjoyable.

Then in our bathroom we did a different tile.  We both saw it and said WOW!!  We were like, should we have put this in the whole house?   I love the way it looks, especially with the grey cabinets.  

So that's all that's new on the inside......but the outside is still being bitched about.  We actually rode around the neighborhood for like an hour trying to see a house that's the color of ours and how it looks all finished with the garage and trim etc.  Kev just could not get over the color and how much he hated it.   So then I suggested that we go down to the models and go to the design center and check out the color to make sure it's right.  When we got there our designer was there and she pulled our file and checked what color we picked and then showed us what it is.  We told her that our house does not look like the samples.  I told her how much Kev hated it and just wanted to know what we do now.   She said "is it kind of like a yellow mustard color?"  We told her yes and she said "that's the primer."   Oh praise the Lord!!!  So our house is not that ugly color?  She explained it was the primer and that the color will be like the samples.  I cannot even explain to you how relieved I was to know that I was not going to hear the color complaint for the rest of my life EVERY single day.  lol   All is good with what's happening with the new house.  It's getting close!!
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