March 24, 2010 Tonto National Monument

The Tonto National Monument are cliff dwellings located right across from Roosevelt Lake. When Diane was here we met this guy on the trail that was telling us about them, so I said something to Kev and on his day off we drove up to the lake to see the dwellings and then fish. There are two sets of dwellings, but you have to have reservations to go to the upper ones. We almost weren't able to get too close because they have a very active bee colony up there, but the ranger gave us the okay so we continued the hike all the way up and then got to wander around. It's pretty cool, and we hope to go back to see the other ones some day.

After seeing the cliff dwellings we drove around Roosevelt Lake for a while to find a place to fish. The lake is pretty full right now so we had a hard time finding shoreline to sit at and set up our we needed a boat so we could cruise around the water. We did find a spot, Kev fished, I read and I think napped. No luck with catching anything except a few zzzzz's.

March 17, 2010 Four Peaks

It was Kev's day off so we decided to take the quads out for a ride up Four Peaks. It was an awesome day to ride, plus the views are incredible. You can see parts of Roosevelt Lake off the one side. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get to the top, and once we got up there we didn't stay too long. It was pretty windy, plus you can see there was still a bunch of snow up there.

March 22, 2010 Macayo's

I had a leader meeting on Monday night and since Diane was leaving the next day Mary & Barbara met us at Macayo's, where my meeting takes place. They hung out while I was in my meeting, then we got in a few pictures!!!

March 12 & 13 2010 30 Year Class Reunion Weekend

So it was the weekend of my 30 Year Class Reunion. I really couldn't believe that it had been 30 years since I was in high school, but it's true. Friday night was a happy hour at Bobby Q's and that was alot of fun. A good amount of people showed up and once again got to know one another. The group I hung out with is in the first picture: myself, Carolyn, Paula, Lisa, Stacie & Tici. The only one missing was Carrie, but she was there on Saturday night. Saturday night was a dinner in Madonna Hall at Bourgade.

It was fun too, cause my good friend and old neighbor Holly married a guy from my class a few years ago. Jeff McMichael. So she came to the reunion events both nights. She is in this picture with another classmate, David Kalkbrenner.

This other picture is of good friends Dave Enos & Stacie Dishmon.

There was a picnic planned for Sunday, but a bunch of us weren't going to be able to make it so instead we met for breakfast at the Biltmore and just hung out for a few hours.

March 6, 2010 Diane & Mary Skiing

Diane really wanted to ski. She never had before and she was all set to try. Janet took her out and taught her the basics. It was so funny cause once she got dressed and had the skis in the snow Mary & I were taking pictures and she said " OK I'm good now, I have pictures of me skiing." But she gave it a go, and had a couple little falls. Mary & I went to help her up, and then Mary wiped out. We just kept laughing. Diane did get the hang of it, she did a few runs and even rode the lift. After Diane had gone, then Mary got the itch. So Mary & Janet set out up the mountain for a good couple of hours.

March 6 & 7 2010 Skiing at Durango

The plan was to go to Durango and relax and do some skiing. Janet has been trying to get me up there to ski for a long time and it just never happened, but we finally made it happen. On sisters weekend, Janet & I set out for the slopes on Saturday morning. It's so cool, you just walk down the stairs of her condo, across a small patio and you are on the hill of a ski run. Ski down, and jump back on the lift!!! We skiied for a few hours on Saturday and then on Sunday all day. Both days were great, but on Sunday since we were out all day, we ate at one of the restaurants up on the mountain. Plus it snowed just about all day. By the end of the day, I was tired. We did a bunch of runs, including lots of blue ones all over the mountain.

March 4 - 9, 2010 Sisters Weekend in Durango

We planned a sisters weekend to go skiing and relax. Diane flew in and then we headed up to Flagstaff. Janet rented a Navigator, which we loaded to the brim and we set off for Durango.

Of course we all were going to do the hand, hand, foot, foot thing at the 4 corners so we could say we were in four states at one time but imagaine was closed.

We always play this card game called "Jerry Lawrence" which is like a sets & runs game. At some point we decided that we would pay the winner of each game 5 cents per point. So I won one game with 30 points, and the next lowest point total was 420!! So I won over $90 playing just one game of cards. I have found my new retirement income!!!!

March 3, 2010 Heather's Birthday Dinner

Since Heather's Birthday fell on Phoenix Open weekend, we went out to dinner a few days later. It just so happened that Diane had arrived the day before. Heather didn't know Diane was in town so at dinner it was a nice surprise. Heather picked Aunt Chiladas for her birthday meal, but since she usually picks dinner at the house I still owe her a Chicken Mexicali Dinner!!!

March 1, 2010 Hiking

It was Kev's day off so we decided to go hiking. We went out past Gold Canyon to a section of the Peralta Trail. The Peralta Trail is very popular and by all the cars at the entrance we knew there would be alot of people on the trail so we branched off to a trail called Bluff Springs. It is such a good time for hiking right now because we have been getting so much rain, the desert is really green.

There were parts of the trail that had running water, which we rarely see, so it was necessary to get across it to stay on the trail.

Plus all along the trail were these really cool rock formations.

Love the self timer!!!

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