Father's Day 2013

Kev gets to decide what he wants to do for Father's Day.  We, me & the kids, always ask what he wants to do.  Kind of like what we do for birthdays & Mother's Day.  What do you want to do or where do you want to go eat?  It's your choice. So Fathers's Day is no different.  It's basically Kev's day.  We had all gone out to eat a few days earlier so the kids gave Kev some great gifts then.  A new Kindle, which he was super excited and surprised about, and a couple of cool flasks.  He was thrilled about it all.  And he got his gifts early cause he decided he wanted to spend his day fishing.  
We got up Sunday morning and drove to Woods Canyon Lake up on the rim.  It was such a nice day, and definitely alot cooler then being at our house.  We found a place to park and off we went to find a spot on the lake.  If you've ever been fishing or know someone that fishes, it's all about your spot.  After picking your spot its all about the bait.  Kev is big on power bait... just  go with me.  Anyway, a good spot and good bait can lead to good fishing.  
Now that's what we're talking about!!!!
Kev's day was off to a great start.  I was getting some reading done, so a good day for me as well.  After sitting in this spot for a while it was time to move on.  
Another good spot, and another caught fish!!! 

At Woods Canyon Lake we also like to do the hike around the lake.  It's a great hike and has great views.  It's Father's Day, remember?  Kev is an awesome awesome dad to ALL the kids. I got so lucky that he fell in love with me as well as Paul & Alicia.  He has been the best dad to them I could ask for.  But it is one more day that makes me miss my own dad.  Daddy's always in my thoughts but get this.....here we are at the lake fishing where we have fished before and where we have seen these sights before but it wasn't a fluke they were being shown to me again.  The Eagles!!! They are still at the lake but now have new babies.  While we hiked around the lake we again got to see their nest and the newest babies were sitting out.  In about 5 weeks they will be ready to fly.  
It really is a Joy in my life to have that feeling about dad whenever we go to the lake and see the Eagles flying.  Always on my mind and forever in my heart.  Happy Father's Day to my own dad and the dad of my children.  

June 21, 2013

Can you say Ahhhhhhh?  I love the beach.  
I love just laying and relaxing, reading a book and the sound of the ocean.  I would be perfectly content sitting on the beach any day, every day, all day.   But I'm sure I'm not alone.  Can you guess my Joy for today?  If you said the beach, the ocean, reading and relaxing....you're right.  Part of our weekend in California was going to the beach.  We actually went on a drive to a few different ones to check them out and also spent some time on a couple to take them all in.  There was one problem....because we flew we couldn't bring our usual beach necessities.  No chairs, no boogie boards, no ice chest and no umbrella.  Kev enjoys the being on the beach as well but he wants to enjoy it in the shade, so he got creative.  One day we laid our towels right by the life guard tower so we (he) could use the shade of the tower and then the next day we rotated our towels around the shade of a couple of palm trees.  
We even got in a little napping.  But no matter where I lay my towel on the beach   I am a happy girl.  Today's Joy....the beach!!!

June 20, 2013

My whole "Joys of June" kind of fell apart for quite a few days.  I was having trouble with any joy.  Another bad day ran into several and I just wasn't feeling the joy.  Sometimes it happens right?  I'm not even going to try and catch up on every day.  I'm pretty sure I still have other pics I said I'd post from the last time a big gap occurred that I still haven't done.  But I'm here now.....and I do have a few Joys to share.   I'll start with the most recent....today!!!! 
Today's Joy is Paul.  Had a great half of day with Paul.  He has been planning on going to California this weekend for a while so that he could cruise with Sarah and her parents who came from Australia.  At one point we actually talked about going on the cruise as well, but it turned out to be too expensive to pull off.  But with free flying benefits we decided that we would fly over to California and spend a few hours with Paul, Sarah and her parents before they took off on their cruise together.  
Kev and I met up with Paul at the airport, he flew on Southwest....whatever....and then we drove to downtown Long Beach where we met up with Sarah and her parents.  It was our first time meeting, and was awesome.  We first had lunch together and then went down to the port and went on a tour of the Queen Mary.  It was alot of fun.  Both Jan & Cliff are really nice people and we all enjoyed hanging out together.  I kind of got a little disappointed that we weren't joining them on the cruise, but the way the day went was a great way for us to meet and spend some time together.  
It really meant alot to Paul that we made the trip even though we weren't going to cruise.  He told both Kev and I more then once that he appreciated us coming and he was happy we did.  That's my Patchey....today's Joy!!!

June 5, 2013 Movies

Kev  and I use to go to the movies alot. We are those people that go during the day cause its less crowded and the main reason...... It's cheaper.  But we would go alot cause I was home plus Kev has days off during the week.  It's been a while since we've gone but today after work we went and still got there in time for the matinee.  And I know I said its cheaper, but the matinee is now up to $7.00 per person.....wow!!!!!!
So guess what today's Joy is. 
Even though I don't have the best memory about movies and there are times I do fall asleep in the theatre, I still enjoy going.  

June 4, 2013 Flowers

Look what I came home to today.  
Todays Joy.....what else can I say? 

June 3, 2013 KMAC

Do you know what KMAC is?  It happens to be a Joy in my life.  I wish you could hear me say that because I am being very sarcastic.  KMAC stands for "kick my ass class."  My friend Meredith and I started going to a boot camp class a while ago.  We would go and then not go but lately we have consistently been going every Monday & Thursday.  We really like the teacher and before our bootcamp class she added another class called pump.  So we are now doing KMAC x 2.  We do the pump class which is all weight lifting and then we do the bootcamp class which is all cardio.  Now I say it's a Joy in my life because except for the fact that I completely get my ass kicked, I feel so accomplished after going.  They are both tough classes and are really good workouts. I would  be more honest in saying I have a love/hate relationship with my Joy for today.  I love going, I love the tough workout, and I love how I feel when it's over.  But then I hate going, I hate the tough workout and I hate how I feel when it's over.  LOL  

June 2, 2013 Walmart Customer

Hard to believe that I would be saying a customer from Walmart could be a Joy in my life, but it's true.  It's not necessarily the woman herself, cause I barely talked to her but it was her actions.  Bright and early this morning I went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping cause I couldn't sleep and I knew it wouldn't matter what I looked like.  haha....that even made me chuckle.  Anyways, as I was checking out I asked the guy if they sold papers and he said there was a rack at each end of the store.  Well alot of good that does me when I am exactly at the lane in the middle.  I decide I will just go to Circle K and get one and pick up a diet coke while I am there.   But the lady behind me says, " the Sunday paper? "  So I tell her yes and what a surprise it would be for my husband if I bring one home so he doesn't have to go get one.  She says, "well if you can wait til I'm done I have some left over from my route this morning and I'll just give you one."  She had an outfit on pretty close to mine, so who would have thought that she was up all night working.  Anyways, I say no problem I will unload my groceries and meet you in the parking lot.  At 5:30 am only one door is open so I knew she would be going out the same door as me.  I put my groceries in the car, she comes out with hers and I walk over to her car and she hands me a Sunday paper still in the bag.  I walked away feeling like she just performed her random act of kindness for the day and besides the paper I received for free, it made my day to have a nice Walmart customer do that for me.  It doesn't take alot to make me happy.

June 1, 2013 Kev

 I have to be honest, today was one of  "those" days.  We all have them now and then.
But aside from how my day was today I have to say that Kev always brings Joy to my Life.  

The Joys of June

Thirty days has September, April, JUNE, and November.....and you know the rest.  I'll bet you started singing that just as I did as I was typing it.  But here's what that's all about.  For the 30 days in JUNE I will be making a post on each day of something, someone, somewhere, just about anything that brings Joy to my life.  So let the Joys of June begin.
As of January 2009, I no longer have a job. It's not that I lost it, but after 26 1/2 years of working at the Post Office, I retired. According to everyone I know, I don't do anything all day, so I decided to start a blog. Now I can blog about what I don't do all day. I am married to Kevin, who is the most awesome husband I could ever have. It's because of him, that I do not go to work any more. I love that and I love him for that. Between the 2 of us we have 4 children. Hunter 31, Heather 29, Paul 28 and Alicia 26.

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