June 20, 2013

My whole "Joys of June" kind of fell apart for quite a few days.  I was having trouble with any joy.  Another bad day ran into several and I just wasn't feeling the joy.  Sometimes it happens right?  I'm not even going to try and catch up on every day.  I'm pretty sure I still have other pics I said I'd post from the last time a big gap occurred that I still haven't done.  But I'm here now.....and I do have a few Joys to share.   I'll start with the most recent....today!!!! 
Today's Joy is Paul.  Had a great half of day with Paul.  He has been planning on going to California this weekend for a while so that he could cruise with Sarah and her parents who came from Australia.  At one point we actually talked about going on the cruise as well, but it turned out to be too expensive to pull off.  But with free flying benefits we decided that we would fly over to California and spend a few hours with Paul, Sarah and her parents before they took off on their cruise together.  
Kev and I met up with Paul at the airport, he flew on Southwest....whatever....and then we drove to downtown Long Beach where we met up with Sarah and her parents.  It was our first time meeting, and was awesome.  We first had lunch together and then went down to the port and went on a tour of the Queen Mary.  It was alot of fun.  Both Jan & Cliff are really nice people and we all enjoyed hanging out together.  I kind of got a little disappointed that we weren't joining them on the cruise, but the way the day went was a great way for us to meet and spend some time together.  
It really meant alot to Paul that we made the trip even though we weren't going to cruise.  He told both Kev and I more then once that he appreciated us coming and he was happy we did.  That's my Patchey....today's Joy!!!

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