Father's Day 2013

Kev gets to decide what he wants to do for Father's Day.  We, me & the kids, always ask what he wants to do.  Kind of like what we do for birthdays & Mother's Day.  What do you want to do or where do you want to go eat?  It's your choice. So Fathers's Day is no different.  It's basically Kev's day.  We had all gone out to eat a few days earlier so the kids gave Kev some great gifts then.  A new Kindle, which he was super excited and surprised about, and a couple of cool flasks.  He was thrilled about it all.  And he got his gifts early cause he decided he wanted to spend his day fishing.  
We got up Sunday morning and drove to Woods Canyon Lake up on the rim.  It was such a nice day, and definitely alot cooler then being at our house.  We found a place to park and off we went to find a spot on the lake.  If you've ever been fishing or know someone that fishes, it's all about your spot.  After picking your spot its all about the bait.  Kev is big on power bait... just  go with me.  Anyway, a good spot and good bait can lead to good fishing.  
Now that's what we're talking about!!!!
Kev's day was off to a great start.  I was getting some reading done, so a good day for me as well.  After sitting in this spot for a while it was time to move on.  
Another good spot, and another caught fish!!! 

At Woods Canyon Lake we also like to do the hike around the lake.  It's a great hike and has great views.  It's Father's Day, remember?  Kev is an awesome awesome dad to ALL the kids. I got so lucky that he fell in love with me as well as Paul & Alicia.  He has been the best dad to them I could ask for.  But it is one more day that makes me miss my own dad.  Daddy's always in my thoughts but get this.....here we are at the lake fishing where we have fished before and where we have seen these sights before but it wasn't a fluke they were being shown to me again.  The Eagles!!! They are still at the lake but now have new babies.  While we hiked around the lake we again got to see their nest and the newest babies were sitting out.  In about 5 weeks they will be ready to fly.  
It really is a Joy in my life to have that feeling about dad whenever we go to the lake and see the Eagles flying.  Always on my mind and forever in my heart.  Happy Father's Day to my own dad and the dad of my children.  

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