June 3, 2013 KMAC

Do you know what KMAC is?  It happens to be a Joy in my life.  I wish you could hear me say that because I am being very sarcastic.  KMAC stands for "kick my ass class."  My friend Meredith and I started going to a boot camp class a while ago.  We would go and then not go but lately we have consistently been going every Monday & Thursday.  We really like the teacher and before our bootcamp class she added another class called pump.  So we are now doing KMAC x 2.  We do the pump class which is all weight lifting and then we do the bootcamp class which is all cardio.  Now I say it's a Joy in my life because except for the fact that I completely get my ass kicked, I feel so accomplished after going.  They are both tough classes and are really good workouts. I would  be more honest in saying I have a love/hate relationship with my Joy for today.  I love going, I love the tough workout, and I love how I feel when it's over.  But then I hate going, I hate the tough workout and I hate how I feel when it's over.  LOL  

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