May 27, 2010 Bikram Yoga

I let Alicia talk me into going to Yoga with her. But here's the catch, it's not just regular yoga it's hot yoga. The temperature in the room is 105 with 40% humidity. It is a 90 minute class. They told me that my main goal is to stay in the room the whole time. I have to admit, I was a little scared!! But all said and done, I made it. Came out soaking wet, but made it.

Check me out, trying to show off doing one of the poses!!!

This is the button I got after class cause I stayed in the room. In case you can't read it, it says "I Survived my first Bikram Yoga Class!"
Then I went back again, the next day!!!

May 24, 2010 Paul's Golden Birthday

Do you know what a Golden Birthday is? It is when you are the age of the day you were born. So today is my Patchey's Golden Birthday. Happy Birthday Mijo...I Love You xoxo

May 23, 2010 Eagle's Nest

We went up to Woods Canyon Lake so Kev could fish for a little bit. Kev knew I wanted to at least get in a little bit of a walk or hike, so we decided to hike all the way around the lake. We were told it was about 4 miles, I swear it was longer. The highlight of the walk however was that part of the trail is being re-routed because there is a bald eagle with 2 babies in a nest. When you walk to a particular point you can see the nest high up in a tree. Any time you talk about eagles you can't help but think about Daddy, he loved them. So in his honor we hiked around the lake twice because the first time I didn't bring my camera, and Kev knew I wanted a we hiked around it again.

May 15, 2010 Alicia's Graduation Party

Alicia and Veronica decided to have a joint Graduation Party. How could they not since they have been having their birthday parties together since they were 3?
We decorated the backyard with lights, tables, chairs, ice chests, maroon & gold and of course a bounce house.

All the girls said they wanted was a bounce house. They had been saying it since March, that for their party, they wanted a bounce house. Then they told everyone that they were having a bounce house at their party. So....spoiled as they are, they got a bounce house. I have never seen a bounce house this big. It was so fun. Not only did the kids that were here have a good time, but there was adult only jumping going on as well.

The jello shots were very popular. Alicia made all kinds of flavors and you had your choice with whip cream or without!!!

BUT...the shot ski was a huge hit!!! I surprised Alicia and made her a shot ski. It is a regular snow ski that I decorated on both sides and put 3 shot glasses on it. Then 3 people take a shot all together.

The night ended with a sleepover in the bounce house...just like when they were little.

May 14, 2010 Alicia's Graduation

The day had come that Alicia had worked so hard for. It was time for Graduation. She chose to go to the Hispanic Convocation, which has all different majors participating. The only requirement for this ceremony is that you are 50% hispanic. By graduating at this ceremony Alicia got to graduate with her best friend Veronica, her big sister from her sorority Gini, and several other girls from her sorority.

Both the President of ASU and the President of the Board of Regents spoke at Alicia's ceremony. When she was going across the stage to get her diploma, they stopped her and told her to turn around and wave to the people that were cheering for her.

Alicia and her big sister Gini, were watching the camera and were ready for it since it was going to be on the big screen. I managed to catch it with a photo.

While they were walking up to the stage, Alicia & Veronica kept turning so that we could get pictures of them together before their names were called.

May 13, 2010 Bahama Mama Night

We found a night that would work for all of us and went to dinner at this new BBQ place in Scottsdale. It's called Big Daddy's BBQ. Fun place, all open around the building, so you can sit inside or out. Very casual and really yummy!!!

May 11, 2010 D-Backs Game

We had tickets to the Diamondbacks game against the Dodgers. Our friends Tony & Amber love the Dodgers, so they got a set of tickets to the same game. We went to Applebee's before the game and then they moved to the seats in front of us around the 5th inning. Unfortunately, we lost, but it was a fun night.

May 9, 2010 Mother's Day

Had a nice day on Mother's Day. Started off with Kev & I going to breakfast early then lounging around the house the rest of the day. I made a turkey for dinner and the kids & Kevin's mom came over. Heather said Paul always got the turkey legs, so this time he gave it up to her.

After dinner Paul did all the work of cutting up the rest of the turkey and getting all the meat off the bones. I hate doing that, so it was nice to have him take over.

The kids got me a new pair of hiking shoes, mine have worn out and aren't as comfortable as they use to be.

May 1, 2010 Dave lost 100 lbs

I met Dave and Meredith at Weight Watchers. Dave has just reached a goal of losing 100 lbs, and Meredith is right behind him. We took this picture to show that Meredith can now reach both her arms all the way around him. At the meeting they celebrated him losing 100 lbs. The leader, Debi called him up front, he talked a little bit and then everyone threw 100 Calorie packs at him. It was really fun.

Meredith threw a surprise party for Dave to celebrate his big loss.

This is the group of people that I call my WWF's....Weight Watcher Friends. We really have a great time at meetings and have become friends that we do things together outside of the meetings.

April 27, 2010 The Bunny

It's the cutest little thing. I came home the other night and this little guy was just sitting in the grass. Since then I have seen him several times. Sometimes in the morning sometimes later in the day. Yes he's so cute......but I don't want a bunny. We had one one time and boy are they messy. They dig everywhere and they poop constantly. But he's still kind of cute, for now.... til Kev finds out about him.

As of January 2009, I no longer have a job. It's not that I lost it, but after 26 1/2 years of working at the Post Office, I retired. According to everyone I know, I don't do anything all day, so I decided to start a blog. Now I can blog about what I don't do all day. I am married to Kevin, who is the most awesome husband I could ever have. It's because of him, that I do not go to work any more. I love that and I love him for that. Between the 2 of us we have 4 children. Hunter 31, Heather 29, Paul 28 and Alicia 26.

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