July Vacation 2013

So happy Kev kept on saying we were going to do something for vacation and then made sure we did.  Today is day 2.  Day one started out a little stressful cause we were of course flying stand by and Alicia came with us.  Kev and I are listed as a higher priority then my guest passes so she was pretty far down on the list.  In fact it came down to Kev getting on and was going to keep going and then I was going to stay back with
Alicia so we could fly together.  Our flights were from Phoenix to Charlotte then to Buffalo.  Alicia ended up being the last one on the plane.  Phewwww!!! Then in Charlotte, we all got on and even got seats together.  Now I could relax!!! 
First stop was our hotel at Niagra Falls.  We checked in and then went exploring.  It's really pretty all around by the falls, all sorts of walking paths and park type benches.  You can see both sets of Falls and they're awesome.  We were going to go on the Maid of the Mist boat ride but were too late.  We practically ran to catch the last boat at 7:45 only to get there at 7:46.   Still deciding whether we will do it once we go back to Buffalo at the end of the week.  
We stayed around the Falls pretty much the rest of the night.  Walked along the walkways and just checked out the sights. Everything is in bloom and all so pretty. Plus we wanted to see the Falls all lit up once it got dark.  
We found a place to eat right across from where the main Falls were and had a yummy dinner.   Ummmm Mac & Cheese with pulled pork.  
So once dinner was over it was finally dark out and the Falls were lighting up plus they were having a fireworks show.  Our waitress told us that all summer they do fireworks every Friday & Sunday night.  Weren't we lucky, it was Sunday!!!! 
It was so pretty both during the day and at night, pictures don't even begin to show you.  Like I said earlier we may do the boat ride by the Falls, but we decided we loved what we saw so far and may want to do something else this week instead.  We are heading up north a little into Canada for some other places that Kev picked out for us to see. 

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