July 20, 2013 Vaca Day 7

Our last day of vacation :(  We drove down from Toronto, but only after our free breakfast and a few more trips down the slide, to Niagra Falls.  At Niagra falls we were just going to spend the day wandering around all the tourist trap streets as well as around the Falls.  

I did find another stand for my new favorite snack but passed it up.  This one looks really authentic with the Beavers and everything.  
We found a place that totally appealed to Kev....you could get buckets of beer in there.  So we decided to sit for a little bit and grab something to eat.  I had this awesome bruschetta, and it tasted as good as it looks.  
Then the decision was made.  We were here in Niagra Falls so we needed to do Niagra Falls the right way.  The way just about every other tourist would do it.  We  got our tickets and headed for the boat.  We were going on the Maid of the Mist tour.  
I got some pictures going into the falls and coming out, but none while we were actually in them.  I was protecting my phone!! 

This is the bridge that joins the US side to the Canada side.  We were on the Canada side.  
It was really cool and we all agreed we were glad we did take the time to do it.  We had said the first night that we were ok with just checking it out in daylight and at night with the colors, but this was awesome!! You literally get soaked from the heavy mist that the Falls give off.  And we can say we were there, in the Falls.  So cool!!! 
Now that the night had come to an end it was time to head to our hotel.  We unfortunately had a really bad hotel.  The worst one of the trip, definitely one we'll never forget.  It happens and thank goodness it was only for a few hours.  We had to leave by 5:30 to try and catch a flight.  Last day of vacation has come to an end, we're heading home. 

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