More Day 2

We headed north to a town called Kingston.  Kev had read about going on a boat tour called The 1000 Islands.  When we got into town we went straight to the dock to check it out.  We got some information about times etc.  but just outside the information booth was this food truck called Beaver Tails.  I had seen a picture of one in one of the brochures we had and I had that...I gotta have one of those feelings.  I asked the girls in the booth about them and got the reply....OMG they are sooooo good.  When I came out of the booth Alicia was already at the truck checking them out.  
So they are this pastry thing that is deep fried and then you can get any of these different toppings on them.  She got one called the Trip 3 I think, or something like that, and it had chocolate and peanut butter on it then Reese's pieces.  She dove into it before I could get a picture.  And then I got a cinnamon sugar one.  
And OMG......amazing!!!!! It was so yummy.  I liked mine a little better then hers but oh it was good.  What a treat.  I'll make sure I have another one before we leave Canada, and try a different topping.  I'd like to try them all but I can't even imagine how many calories they are.  Deep fried goodness....oh yeah!!! 
Ok, back to Kingston LOL. We found our hotel and worked out what our plan was going to be for the rest of the day.  Kev had picked up some other brochures, one being a tour around town.  So between him driving and Alicia navigating we followed the things to see on the bus tour on our own.  First stop was Clergy St.  This street had some old but beautiful church buildings.  We walked the few blocks between them and checked them out,
Unfortunately St Mary's was all locked up but I'm sure the inside was gorgeous, you could tell from the outside it had all these beautiful stained glass windows.  We did get to go in St James Chapel.  
I didn't want to take a bunch of pictures, cause there were some people inside praying.  But it was real old, but pretty Inside.  We came across some other old buildings as well which are just so cool to see.  I love all the artwork and architecture that goes into them.  
We continued the Alicia guided tour over the bridge to Fort Henry.
Fort Henry is right next to a military training school so they were both part of the over the bridge tour.  We drove through the school grounds and checked it all out and then went up to the Fort and got out and walked around.  For these two stops I used my camera for photos so I can't share those with you since I am doing my blog update off my phone.  (Note to self, take blog pictures with phone so I can share them right away.)
We got a few more drive bys for other parts of the tour then decided to park and walk.  We headed towards a few streets that seemed to have all what we wanted on them....some place to eat.  We picked a cute pub with outside seating and had a great meal.  Two years ago when Janet was on vacation with us we joked about how we kept winding up at pubs when it was time to eat.  Kev figured we couldn't go wrong.
 Special of the day was a pint and a pie.  I got a chicken pot pie and Alicia had my pint.  
After dinner we walked around by the dock and made some plans for Day 3.  It's hard to believe these next few photos from the dock were taken around 8:30pm,  it's awesome how it stays so light so long in the summer.  

After our walk we went back to our hotel and did one more exciting thing....we geocached!!!! Alicia found one right by the hotel in the neighborhood behind us. There was a gate that we walked thru and we wandered a little bit and I found the cache in some bushes.  Alicia wrote a note we were here from Arizona and left a couple of US coins inside.  We'll probably try and find a few more during the week.

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