July 19, 2013 Vaca Day 6

Did I tell you about the heat wave that Canada is having?   Haha I know I have but boy it's all they talk about on all the news reports and every where you go.  So I thought I'd talk about it as well.  It's hot....36 but totally feels like 40-42.  Sounds so funny to hear it described like that.  Because of the warm weather, we had plans to go to the beach today.      We found the beach we wanted to go to last night when we were exploring.  So we got up, had a free breakfast (yea!!!) and got ready to go to the beach.  When I say got ready, this was part of our preparation.  At breakfast we each got extra bread plus some pb & jelly packets and made our lunch!!! 
Can you say frugal?  Or is it cheap?  Which ever, while sitting on the beach, that sandwich tasted great and totally hit the spot.  

Kev and I did go in the water.  Holy crap was it cold!!!! Once we were in, I have to say it was quite refreshing.  Alicia would only get her feet wet, it was way too cold for her.  
After the beach, on our way back to our hotel we did a short detour and found this castle.  It was in one of our tour guide brochures and we thought we'd go check it out.  

Again the word cheap comes up.  We were going to go inside the castle but it was $21 a piece.  We took a vote....haha and decided it didn't mean that much to any of us to go inside.  We only paid $8 to see Boldt Castle and that had its own island!!!!   
This is our proof that we were there.  
After the Castle we went back to the hotel to cool off and hang out for a little bit before we were going to head out to the Blue Jays baseball game.  We are right here so we have to cross this stadium off our list.  But.....before the game we have time to play.  Our hotel has a 3 story water slide.  
Alicia showing how graceful she is coming down.
Kev loved it. 
And so did I. 
It was really fun and we were the only ones on it so we just kept going one after the other.  The only reason we stopped was because we had to go get ready to head to the game. 

So we've been to one more stadium on our list of trying to see them all.  Kev and I both agreed that the Toronto Blue Jays stadium is nothing to get excited about.  But hey we were there!!
Day 6 in the books.  Working on our plans for Day 7. 

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