July 18, 2013 Vaca Day 5

Today was moving day, we were going south back down to Toronto.  But first we went back to Parliament Hill to see the Changing of Command ceremony.  Not really sure what all the different things that were going on meant, but we were there.  

After the ceremony, ok we left after an hour, it was time for a road trip.  It was going to be a few hours so the plan was to stop in Kingston again to visit the Penitentiary Museum that was closed when we were going to visit it the other day.  
Funny thing is, we all thought we were actually going to visit the prison, kind of like Alcatraz.  LOL But it was just a museum because the prison is still an active prison.  It was still really interesting cause the guide there had been a guard at the prison for 30 years so he was full of information.  
This was a form of torture they used to use.  
Once the chamber is closed they would fill it with water so it would make the prisoner feel like he was drowning.  
It was no Alcatraz tour but it was a good break in the drive.  After that we were back on the road.  It felt like we were driving for a while and Kev kept asking me how my nap was and I swear I never really fell asleep.  Then I was shown proof.  LOL But notice I am in the back seat!! 
We got to our hotel in Toronto and decided to go check out where the beaches were.  Our plan for tomorrow was to just relax at the beach and do some swimming.  We found where we wanted to go and then stumbled upon one of our favorite shows.  

Pretty cool huh?  I'm going to have to find a way to watch the Canadian version once we get home.  
It was now time to find something to eat.  One of the things that has been a problem this whole week is parking.  It's hard to find any everywhere we have gone.  And tonight was no different.  We found a place we wanted to eat around where the beaches were and got lucky and found a place to park.  There's a parking block that you pay at and put the receipt on your dashboard.  Alicia and I went and got the ticket and she just went on and on how we only have 21mins.  The box said 1 hr for $2.25.  So she kept putting money in and we printed the ticket and it still said 21mins.  
So we went to eat and then Kev ran down and put more money in the box for another 21 mins.  
We finished eating quick cause we were gonna run out of time again.  Kev went out to the car and Sisser and I paid the bill.  When we got out to the car, Kev was sitting there just laughing at us.  Our parking ticket was good  til 9:00 pm 21:00......haha he was making fun of us and then Alicia and I were cracking up.  He's the one that bought a 2nd ticket!!!!!
Haha....Day 5 done.  

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