Day 6 An Addiction

Off the top of my head my first thing I thought of when I read this picture title was Diet Coke.  I love my diet coke.  I think I could say right now that I don't have to have it like I use to.  I use to start at 4:00 am and drink it til I went to bed.  I would quit for Lent and then go through major withdrawals. But I can say now I don't need it like I use to, I just really like it.  I'm currently not drinking it, but I crave one every day.

Then I also thought of the fact that I get on Facebook every day, and usually several times a day.  I love checking out pictures people post and just keeping up on what's going on.  I think I would miss it alot if I gave it up, so yes that would be another addiction.  

I love to watch TV.  I love to watch certain shows, I love to catch a good movie on it and hello HGTV. I just really enjoy watching TV.  When people say to me that they don't watch TV or they rarely watch it, I call bullshit.  Although it may be true, they just don't know what they're missing.  

And I can't leave out....chocolate.  If I could just eat chocolate every day and not worry about what it would do to my weight I would.  I do like my chocolate.  Actually I'm a sweet eater, but I tend to lean to the chocolate sweets especially.
I'm sure I have other addictions if I sat down to think about it, but off the top of my head these were the ones that came to me first.  

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