June 25, 2010 Camp Visitors

Alicia and Kimi followed us up to our campsite on Friday morning to spend the day with us. Kev and I were going to stay the whole weekend, but they just wanted to come ride quads and hang out.

We had to give Kimi the whole camp experience which is driving around looking for elk and hopefully you are the one that spots the most. It's a pretty big competition. We were driving for a long time before we saw any so she wanted to know how the game works again. Do we drive around til we find one and then you chase them? So as soon as we saw some her and Alicia jumped out to chase them.

Kev spotted this big guy on the side of the road....check out the rack on him!!!

The night ended with our last visitor making it to our campsite. Janet had driven over from Flag to stay for the weekend.

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