June 18, 2010 The Bowling Stones

JR & Madeline bowl in this Charity Bowling event every year. JR sponsors the team from his work, Preferred Communications. Our team consisted of JR, Madeline, her mom and dad, Lupe & Frank and then Kevin & I. The theme for this years event was Battle of the Bands Bowl-a-Thon. Our team name was the "Bowling Stones" Pretty cute huh? Evidently others thought so too cause we won 1st place for the best team name.

Madeline designed our outfits. She bought us all the same t-shirt and then us three women got cool guitar purses.

It was a fun time, but the funniest thing was when Madeline biffed it. It was her turn to bowl, so she throws her ball and her glasses went flying. She had them hanging off her cool purse. So she is looking around to see if it's okay if she goes to get them because they are across the line. No one is really watching so she tries to basically sneak over the line and reach over to get them. Whoooooooop, there she goes into the splits. The floor was so slippery she just went down, and then she couldn't get up so she starts crawling. I am laughing, even now as I type this. JR goes up to her and says, "Madeline, do you need to go home?" Like she was being grounded or something. It was so funny. But the sad thing is she really hurt her knee bad. But again, it was so funny!!!

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