May 29, 2011 Geocaching

Alicia had learned about Geocaching when we were camping in Yuma. She got everyone excited about it so Kev, Janet & I joined her and her friends to go out for a little "treasuring hunting". There really isn't treasure to be found, the whole point is to find something. You can look up coordinates on line or there is an app that you can get for your phone and it gives you the directions etc. We went looking for a few that were close to thier camp.

The first one was just a little container that had a log of who had been there and when. It was not in a water proof container so it did get a little wet.

The next cache was a little harder to find.

Gini found this one, it was pretty high up in a tree. We had been looking under rocks, around trees and in trees, but just not high enough.

There is this one section in the forest that we came across that had been hit by a tornado. It was amazing all these trees were just uprooted and snapped in half.

This was the famous jump. Veronica says to me, "Elaine take my picture while I jump off this tree." So I do and she hurts herself. She ended up going to urgent care in Flagstaff and then they told her to go home and get an MRI and the final result is that she tore her miniscus.

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