April 27, 2013 Another Big Gap

It is so easy for me to fall behind on my blog.  One day goes by and then another and before you know it it's been over a month since my last post.  It's always hard to catch up but I don't want to not post different things that have been going on so I have to find the time to get that all done.

I was just sitting here reading my sister Janet's blog.  She started one when she went to Italy so that she could keep all of us up on what she is doing and also so she has an ongoing journal of her travels.  I've really been enjoying it and that made me realize again that I need to stay on top of mine.  If you want to check out her blog the address is jmcstravels.blogspot.com.  The pictures are all so good and she has great stories to tell, you'll see when you read it.

Now on the home front....it's Saturday night and Kev and I were just sitting here watching the movie "This is 40."  Not sure if any of you have seen it, but I have to say I thought it sucked.  It's really not funny like I thought it would be and it seems to jump around alot.  Kev and I both kept thinking it would get better and when I saw him dozing off I realized he wasn't enjoying it, just like I wasn't.  So we turned it off.  I was actually more into playing a game on my phone called Candy Crush.
Pretty much addicted, but I really only get to play for a little bit at night cause you only have so many turns before you run out of moves which I always do and it takes a while to get more.  So I play til I run out, which is pretty quick and then go to sleep.  I am only on level 30 and I think it goes up to level 200.

I needed to make a post, I didn't like that there was another big gap between my posts, so now I've done one and will just have to do some more to catch up with some pictures and stories.

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