Paul is Engaged

My little Patchey is getting married!!!! There's going to be another wedding in the family, isn't that exciting?   
Paul took Sarah to San Diego for an alone weekend.  Since he has two roommates they do this once in awhile.   Sarah thought that's really what was happening.  What she didn't know, and neither did I or anyone else for that matter, was that he had already made hotel reservations and dinner reservations and was also planning to ask her to marry him.  I got a call Friday night, well Saturday morning at 12:15 am.  I was of course sleeping so the phone woke me and he told me that they were engaged.  Funny thing is, I didn't remember until the next day.  I was sitting in my Weight Watchers meeting and all of a sudden I thought about him telling me he got engaged.  So I checked my phone real quick and saw that he did call me at 12:15 am.  As soon as the meeting was over, I went outside and called him and now it was my turn to wake him up.  I was saying how excited I was and OMG he was getting married, and congratulations etc.  I explained to him I didn't remember the conversation the night before....ooops!!!! Damn sleeping pills. 

He tells me the whole story of how he had it all planned and how they went to dinner over on Coronado Island where they had their first date in October of 2010.  After dinner they walked along the boardwalk and then he proposed.  Of course the full story coming from him is much better and more romantic.  I again tell him how excited I am for them and congratulations.  

Later that morning once he woke up and was functioning he text me and said, "FYI it's a good thing you called back this morning cause Sarah thought you weren't happy about us getting engaged."   Well, I was sleeping and completely out of it and I guess she got worried cause I really didn't say much and was like 
"oh that's nice."  And that was it.  LOL  

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