5 lbs Baby

Actually 5.8 lbs baby!!!!  I am back in the 100's.   I never thought I would be excited about being 198 lbs, but after being over 200 I am.  I weighed in this morning at 197.8, so that was 5.8 lbs since my weigh in last week.  I'm sure a big part of it was the Reset.  I don't really think you can only have shakes and bars for 5 days and not lose weight.  But that's what I was looking for.  I wanted to drop some weight and also give that reset or jump start into staying on the right path.  I know I only ended the reset yesterday, but right now I feel like I worked so hard at staying on that program that I really want to stay on track and work at eating better and exercise to lose more.

It's so weird too cause every night I went to bed hungry, but when I woke up in the morning I wasn't hungry. You would think it would be that going to bed hungry you'd wake up hungry and yet I didn't.  And right about Thursday I felt a difference in how I was actually feeling. I felt good.  Hard to explain, but I just felt good.  And by Friday I felt like I had lost some weight.  So between that feeling and being down over 5 lbs the big game I play in my head is saying......keep going.   Weight loss for me is totally a big head game, and it's definitely been one I haven't been winning.  But I did say that I needed to make changes so I'm working on it :)

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