Kiss Me I'm Irish Run

Another run in the books.  It's pretty funny when I tell people about the runs I've been doing.  I say they are fun but I really don't like to run, I'm a good walker. LOL  But I'm trying to lose weight and I think this is a way that will help me to stay on track and drop some lbs.  At bootcamp when we run laps I have been able to run more of them then I use to.  In fact one of the girls in class said to me two weeks ago, "remember when you could only walk, you're doing awesome." It really made me feel good cause I'm trying to improve and that class as well as the pump class which I take before bootcamp totally kick my ass.
But I did another 8K.  It was fun, there was a whole group of us.  
kind of feel like I struggled a little bit but overall did pretty good I think.  
After the run there was free beer at one of the bars where the run was, so we hung out there for a little while.  I don't drink beer but you know, it's a great prop for photos.  
My friend Terri with a couple of other girls that we work with.  
After celebrating with some green beer we headed over to Dick & Kerry's who don't live too far from the run and had an awesome breakfast.  I had text Dick the day before and asked him what was around there where we could get something to eat when we finished running and he said "come here".  So Meredith, Dave, Terri, Deb, Alicia and I went and just loved all they made.  I think it's our tradition with these runs now.  We  go do them, then go eat.  It's a tradition I like!!! 

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