Kev Geocaching

Kev hunts at the same time of year every year with a couple of guys he's been friends with since high school, Mark & Twig.    He hesitated going this year cause I was at home recouping from my knee surgery, but he had everyone checking on me and I told him I was fine and didn't want him to miss out.  He'd check in a few times a day with a call or text plus he'd send me a pic here and there.  He told me the hunting sucked so they were geocaching from time to time.

So he comes home and I'm talking about the whole geocaching thing and he says, yeah Barb, (who is Mark's wife) was questioning our caches.  And I said, why,  was she surprised you were doing more of that then hunting?  And he was didn't notice that each cache is the same?  lol
I fell for it....I honestly thought they just kept finding them, but no they were just randomly taking pictures holding up the same thing.  I didn't even look to see what they found, they were so clever taking pictures in different places it really never came to mind that they were just screwing around. And Kev says, you really thought we found a cache in someone's boat?  And I told him I thought that was a little weird but still had no clue they were messing with me.  Bunch of jerks, but funny right?

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