Sharing the New House 7/25/2015

I was so excited to share what our soon to be new house is going to be like with my sisters.  Janet and Diane were in town so the two of them and Mary came down and I drove everyone out to Encanterra.  It's about a 40 min drive from our apt but one we drive through those gates everyone forgot about how far it was.   I explained to them how when Kev and I go through those gates we have this sense of peace.  It's hard to explain...but they got it.  They saw what we have been talking about and could feel it too.  
It was such a fun time.  We went through a few of the models and of course spent lots of time in ours and just talked about what we are getting and how we hope to do different things etc.  I took them all to the design studio and showed them granite, tile, cabinets, sinks etc anything I could find that we were going to be putting in our new house.  Kevin and I have never had a new home so all of this is so exciting.  
After the design studio we went and had lunch at the bistro.  
After lunch I gave them the tour of everything else that we fell in love with at Encanterra.  It's all so beautiful and everything Kev and I are looking for especially once we are living there and able to enjoy the whole atmosphere.  After the tour we looked at the models for the town homes and then went over to check out our new lot.  It's really funny cause if we had been looking to buy a new house a few years ago we definitely would not have chosen a home that has a very small front and back yard.  But here we are with a 15' backyard.  Super tiny but no maintenance which means more time to rax and enjoy our new lifestyle.  On our way out we decided to check out the rest of the models just to see what they were like.  They are all really nice, but we have ours picked out and can't wait to see it all done and put together.  
After spending all day out at Encanterra we headed home but first stopped at a new restaurant by our apartment, Barrio Queen. 
Then of course the day ended with some card playing....which then lead to Sunday card playing in our pajama.  Can't wait till next time, hopefully it will be in our new house.

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