Drywall, Paint & Doors 11/08/2015

That's right there have been more changes.  Once again looking at the house from the outside you would say nothing has changed, but then we went through our new doors!!! Yes the doors are up.  We did pick out some new ones instead of going with the standard 6 square which we had in our old house.  
Alicia and I are at the front door and its white right now but will be painted once the house is painted.  I think it's going to be a dark green but can't remember. 
But this is what the doors look like.  Different then our old ones and that's why we liked them.
So once we got inside we realized all the walls had been dry walled and painted.  It's funny cause we picked stuff out so long ago that we can't remember some of the stuff we picked out.  That's why I said I think the front door is green.  As we walked around inside we were trying to figure out what color the walls were.  Plus we were asking each other is this the color we picked out? lol  And Kev was like I thought we were getting two tone paint.  Well the two tone is that the walls are all the same color and then the base boards and doorways are a different color.  If you look at the walls they look like a shade of green but then in another room they look like a shade of beige.  I guess once we are in and really seeing it we'll have a better idea.  But for now, it's painted.  The baseboards are not on yet I think they do them after they do the floors, but really I have no idea when they do what.  
This is the door to the outside patio .  It's in the den and you can see how that room has lots of windows.  
Kev in our bedroom.  This is the wall our bed will go against.  So basically when you walk in the door this is the wall you see.  If you went to the right that's where our bathroom is.  
This is part of our closet in the master bedroom.  It has some built in shelves which I like cause it's something we won't have to do.  
So that's what's new on this visit.  Hoping to see more again on the next trip.  

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