Halloween 2012

Jessi & Hunter brought Annaliese over so that we could see the costume that Jessi made for her.  She's a peacock.  She is just starting to take 6-8 steps so it was hard to get pictures of her.  First she would crawl, then walk a few steps then realize she was faster crawling.  But either way, her outfit was so cute.  She had ruffles all around, then feathers in the front and back and feathers in her hair.  
 It looks like she's crying, but really she is cracking up at Kevin.
 She's standing on her own, not sure if she should take a few steps or not.
Here is the back of her costume with all her feathers.  She can walk around the coffee table really good and the stuff in the middle is just a little too far to reach.  But it's cute to watch her try.

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