17 for 17

I re-read my post from the first of the year and realized that I still hadn't come back to post about what I said my goals for the year would be.  It's hard to make a list but here and there things were coming to me that I want to work on this year sometime.  Some are simple and may be quick and others will take more time and work.  And they aren't in any specific order of importance but just as they came to mind. 

1) Lose Weight........no surprise there.  I know a new year is when most people jump on the bandwagon of going on a diet and losing weight.  I guess I am one of those people.  Although I must say I do declare that I need to lose weight throughout the year so I need to do it not just talk about it. 

2) Exercise Daily.   Currently I play pickleball just about everyday and that is definitely exercise.  Sometimes I play a couple of times a day and it can be about 4 hours or more of playing.  I want this to continue, as far as the fact that I am doing some sort of exercise every day.  

3) Eat Better.  I need to be better about eating more of the right foods and less of the junk I like. I love my desserts and chips and especially chocolate but sometimes it's out of control.  And I know I need more veggies and proteins, smaller portions etc so that's what I mean about eating better 

4) Go to Bed w/Kev.  That kind of sounds funny, it's not like we don't sleep together.  lol But what I mean is going to bed when he does instead of staying up watching tv.  It's hard though cause he goes to bed at like 9:00 and sometimes I'm just not ready yet. So this will be something that will really take some effort.

5) Stop Drinking Diet Coke.  This is gonna be hard.  It can be done, I know it can because I e do e it before and one time was for 3 years!! But I love my Diet Coke. I'm not drinking it as much as I have in the past, but I do know I shouldn't be drinking it for overall health reasons.  

6) Make a Weekly Menu.  This is so helpful to me in so many ways.  I know what I am making each night for dinner instead of trying to figure it out when it's time to eat. I know what I need from the grocery store for each day.  And it makes me feel organized. lol

7) Blog More Often.  I love having my blog but I don't like that I have huge gaps in between posts.  So I want to post more often and keep it up to date.  I enjoy it more that way.  

8) Organize my Bedroom Closet.  I feel like I'm not utilizing some of the space in there. I need to move things around but it takes time. Plus I have my filing cabinet in there and sometimes I just pile stuff on it instead of filing it right away. 

9) Stay on Top of Opening Mail.  Ugh....this drives me crazy.  I let it pile up and the pile just gets bigger and bigger and then takes a lot of time to go thru it and that's how the piles also end up on top of filing cabinet.  I finally open the mail and then do t want yo spend more time putting it all where it goes. 

10) Do Charity Work/Volunteer.  I have nothing specific in mind, but I do feel like I need to make an effort to help others or help organizations in some way.  One thing is even to regularly give blood, or help Alicia in her classroom. But there is so much out there that I could do. 

11) See/Talk More to My Sisters.  Sometimes there is way too much time that goes by that we talk or see each other.  I can understand not seeing Janet and Diane cause they are so far, but I can talk to them or FaceTime them.  Then Mary and Barbara are o lay on the other side of town and we barely see each other or even talk.  This needs some work and effort on my part for sure.  

12) Be Better at Cleaning.  I overall do clean somewhat regularly, but the stuff I don't like to do need to be done more often.  Baseboards, Windows, Fans, you get it.  It's funny I thought it would be different being a new house and all but I still hate doing that stuff, old house or new.  lol


So I still need to come up with more to complete the 17 for 17, but this is a start.  But I'm sad to say that here it is April and I've barely worked on any of these.  I want yo get better at this stuff for sure.  

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