Knee Surgery

This is the newest adventure at our house.  I had knee surgery 5 days ago.  My knee has been bothering me for a long time and it had reached the point that I had to get it fixed.  I had 2 tears in my meniscus that the Doctor repaired.  I had immediate relief that night when I went to bed.  It had been throbbing and spasaming for months and it was keeping me up all night, but when I went to bed that first night it was gone. much better already.   And it's been hurtin so much the last few weeks that the little bit of pain I have from the surgery isn't bad at all.  I used crutches a little bit the day of my surgery and the day after, but haven't since then and it's been going great. 
After two days I got to remove the bandage and take a shower.  That felt great of course and gave me the ability to bend my knee more.  It's a little stiff and sensitive where the surgery holes are but that will all work itself out in time.  
On Friday, which was three days after my surgery I went out for a bike ride.  It went good, even though I was a little nervous.  I felt it pulling but that's expected just to get everything moving.  It will get easier the more I do it.  With every knee surgery I've had the first thing that happens at PT is that they put me on a bike and get me peddling, so I know that's what I need to do more of and do it regularly. 
Overall, knee is doing good.  I was sore today because yesterday I was out and about all day and on my feet a lot.  I made up for that today by pretty much staying off it and keeping it up and iced.  I go back to the doctor in 4 more days and he'll let me know then what else I'll need to be doing or what restrictions I'll have if any.  For now, I'm icing a lot and doing lots of stretches and will be getting back on my bike again tomorrow.  

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