February 23, 2010 Bahama Mama Night

I have 3 friends, Kim, Holly & Becky and we call ourselves the Bahama Mamas. We said we wanted to try to get together every month or maybe every other month so we could stay in touch and hang out. We take turns planning what we are going to do each time we meet. Well......it was my turn to plan and I totally dropped the ball and we haven't seen each other since July of last year. I know shame on me right? Anyways, since it had been so long I thought that we just needed to spend time together and visit. Everyone came to my house, I made dinner we talked and talked and then sat in the jacuzzi and talked some more. Great night. Plus we planned the next 3 times we are getting together!!

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As of January 2009, I no longer have a job. It's not that I lost it, but after 26 1/2 years of working at the Post Office, I retired. According to everyone I know, I don't do anything all day, so I decided to start a blog. Now I can blog about what I don't do all day. I am married to Kevin, who is the most awesome husband I could ever have. It's because of him, that I do not go to work any more. I love that and I love him for that. Between the 2 of us we have 4 children. Hunter 31, Heather 29, Paul 28 and Alicia 26.

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