February 17, 2013 Camp Visitors

On Sunday, Alicia, Kimi and Brandon came out to hang out and enjoy a nice day with us at camp.  Rob has a Rhino so we decided to all take a ride.  There are so many roads and trails and washes to go on, you can actually ride for hours if you want.  

At one point in the ride, Rob got stuck on a rock.  You can't tell from the picture but his front wheel is off the ground.  The girls jumped out quick and then he backed up and went a different way.  You can tell by Alicia's face that there was a scary moment, but no worries, not scary enough to spill her beer.

So when Rob had gotten stuck, I had jumped off the back of the quad (I was riding with Kev and Brandon was driving the other one) to help him navigate where to go.  When I was ready to ride again, Kev took off so I jumped on the back of the quad with Brandon.  We came upon a good rut in the road and the quad went one way and we kind of jumped and rolled off so it wouldn't fall on us.  When we got back to camp, I realized that my leg really hurt.  I had hit it on something, I think the foot peg,  and it immediately swelled up.  It looked like I had a knee in the middle of my leg.

Other then the bump on my leg, we all had a great ride and good time out in the beautiful Arizona desert.

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