March 2, 2013 Meredith's Marathon

Meredith had been training for months.  She had a schedule she kept and on alot of her training runs, especially the long ones, I rode my bike along with her.  But the day was finally here and she was more then ready.  She had a couple of friends from her Ragnar team coming to run with her.  The marathon started at Ussery Mountain shooting range bright and early.  
 I caught up with Meredith and her Ragnar team captain Rik, around mile 5.  Funny thing was, I rode my bike right past her thinking I had already missed her.  Initially my friend Rob was riding with me until his bike got a flat and he's the one that saw her so we rode ahead and waited for them to catch up.
This is a picture of Meredith with her Ragnar partners John, Rik and Rik's friend Jess that all came from out of state to run the marathon with Meredith.  
 Throughout the route I put signs up that said funny things about ME, which is a saying we made up that stands for Meredith & Elaine.  She knew they were for her and she was looking for them all 26 miles.

Meredith & John
Meredith & Jamie, a friend that did training runs with her at the finish
Meredith and her husband Dave
 I rode my bike through the whole marathon and I had a cow bell around my neck so I just rang it and rang it all day.  Whenever anyone heard the bell they knew I was coming.  It was really fun.
 After the marathon, amazing everyone was still smiling and enjoying the day like it was just another walk in the park.

 Meredith started running when she was losing her weight.  She lost 101 lbs.  But up until this run, she has done several 5K's 10k's and 3 1/2 marathons.  She says this is her only marathon she'll ever do, but I think now that she's done one she will do alot more.  Congratulations to Meredith, one down and who knows how many more to come.  Way to Go!!!!!!

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