February 23, 2013 Climb to Conquer Cancer

Climb to Conquer Cancer in Phoenix is always a good fun hike.  Not only is it for a great cause, but it gives people the opportunity to enjoy the company of so many people climbing for a cure.  I've done the walk in Phoenix and Flagstaff several times and each time new people come along.  This year we had a couple of new girls from my work doing the hike with us, plus it was Dave's first time doing the hike.  Our regulars returned, Alicia, Ashley, Kimi & Brandon and Meredith and I.  A couple of our other usuals couldn't make it, Nicole & Janet.  

Here is our before the hike photo, still a little chilly so everyone had their jackets and gloves on.  
My friend Terri, who I now work with and another co-worker. Lisa.
 Half way up some us girls stopped for a photo, the rest of the girls plus Brandon, were way ahead of us.
Dave and Meredith showing off their
 "I made it to the top" stickers.
Lisa, Terri and Deb just as they are reaching the top.  Still all smiling after the 5.2 mile hike all uphill.  
Our group picture once we all reached the top. Alicia and them waited for us so we could all be in the team photo.  Need to crop the lady next to us...haha
 Of course we had to get a picture of the back of our shirts with our awesome artwork for our team name.
Looking forward to doing the Climb in Flagstaff in August.  Some of our team members here want to go as well and I'm sure they'll enjoy another awesome hike up the road to Snowbowl.

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