3 Day Weekend

I'm loving  that there's an extra day off this week.  We even got to go in at 6:00 and then at noon said we could go home if we had 6 hours in.  And of all days we were getting pizza for our dept. Terri &  Deb went to pick up the pizza and found  out we could leave but everyone said they wanted to stay and eat.  It was fun.  It doesn't happen too often that we all eat together but I'm all about the getting together and making everyone happy, ok making me happy.  Cause I believe happy employees are more productive employees.  
It was definitely a nice start to a long weekend. And even staying after out six hours we still got to go home early and had yummy pizza.
Left work and ran to the Dr 's cause I had to drop off some paperwork for FMLA.  I have one more appt on Tuesday  and hopefully will get all my clearance papers done. After that, surgery will stay as scheduled if everything is approved.   After my appt Tuesday morning I will tell people at work,  only my boss Deb and Terri know right now.  I will be out for 6-8-10 weeks.  Not sure yet.  Kev is also going  to take time off to be here with me,  it will be here before I know it. 

Spent the 4th here at home.  The girls were supposed to come over and we were really looking forward to taking them in the pool, but they couldn't make it.  Disappointing but oh well.  Kev and I just hung out and swam for a few hours we read, played music and relaxed on some floating rafts.  It was really nice.  Tomorrow Kev has to work but we have a party to go to so the fun will continue,  Kev wants to have a BBQ & swim party before my surgery cause I won't be able to swim for a while so that may get thrown together in the next two weeks,  Sunday we will most likely do some more relaxing in the pool.  Love 3 day weekends!!

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