Countdown is On

I am having my knee surgery in five days!!! I am counting the days for a couple reasons.  The main one is that I have been wanting to get this done for a while, like years, and it's not that I have been putting it off, but I finally got the approval of a doctor to do it.  Another reason is to just get it done and over with and then start working on getting it in shape.  I'm also really looking forward to not be hurting all the time especially after I do a lot of activity.  Now, it's only days away.  I have plans for the weekend to get everything ready.  A few weeks ago I got the bedroom downstairs set up.  I'll have to sleep in the bed down there cause I won't be able to climb the stairs to my bedroom upstairs plus our waterbed, yes we still have a waterbed, will be hard to get in and out of. I'll also get my own stuff in the bathroom down there instead of Kev having to figure out what I want or need.  Then I want to try and cook some food up so it will be a little easier for Kev to throw stuff together for himself or both of us depending on who wants what.  

I am anticipating being on a bending machine for a while when I first come home.  The doctor also said that they will have home health care come for the first two weeks to do physical therapy.  I will be spending a couple days in the hospital as well when I do have the surgery.  It's going to be a long, I'm sure painful, and hard working road to follow.  I'll be on leave from my job and so will Kev so if he doesn't get tired of me I'm sure he'll do a great job taking care of me.  If he does get tired of me, all he has to do is ignore that bell I plan on having next to my bed!!! 

After those first couple weeks I will have to go to PT 2-3 times per week. I'll be on crutches and not able to drive but all of that is only temporary.  Kev said to me tonight, "only two more days of work then you're off for two months.  It's not going to be worth all that pain, do you think?"  I kind of panicked for a few minutes. And was like...what,  do you think I shouldn't get it done?  Do you think I'm making a mistake?  I know it's been feeling pretty good lately but that's cause I'm hardly doing anything.  Should I do this or not???  And he said, I just mean it's going to be painful and it's harder then people think it is.  I know it's going to be painful and I know I'm going to have to work hard to get this to be better then it was before surgery and I know it's not going to be easy.  I've never thought I would get a new knee and be good to go in a couple weeks.  This is going to be a good 6 month process.  I think Kev has been reading up on it and realized all that goes on from surgery thru recovery and rehab.  It's not going to be like any of my other surgeries.  But it's ok, I'm ready and it's now just days away.

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