July 2011 Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge is a place that Kev found in one of the brochures he had gathered in planning our vacation. It is in Canada and a really popular attraction. I was pretty sure I wanted to go across the bridge so I could say I did it, but you really have no choice if you want to see the rest of the park cause that's the way in. I was scared to death going across. The bridge is 450 ft long and 230 ft high, how could I not be scared.

Along with the suspension bridge they also had this Cliff Walk that went way out over the canyon within the trees. It was pretty neat looking at it from the pictures. I really wasn't sure I wanted to go out on it, but I thought I would check it out and then decide. Well once you get down on the walk way it's only one way and there are all kinds of people behind you so I start walking and I have to keep going. I can say I did it, but it was scary.

They had all these trails that connected to trees. So you went through the park going from tree to tree, it was really cool.

Jan & Kev thought it was so funny watching me walking across the bridge cause I was so scared, they wanted to make sure they got pictures of me coming back.

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