December 18, 2010 Yankee Swap

Don't ask me why it's called Yankee Swap cause I couldn't tell you. As a matter of fact the host of the party, Meredith & Dave, couldn't tell you either. But who cares, it was a super fun night. You bring a $20 gift unwrapped. All gifts go in the center of the room and a set of dice are passed around. If you roll doubles you get to pick a gift or steal one from someone who already has one. Here's the catch, if you get your gift stolen, you do not get to replace it, you have to wait til you roll doubles again to get a new one. A gift can only be stolen 2 times so a good idea is to steal things that are on their last chance cause then you are guaranteed to at least take something home. I finally caught on to that after having a couple things stolen. I went home with a set of tools, a bath set that had $10 lottery tickets and a $20 Best Buy card. Kev never rolled doubles the whole night, so he like some others got no gifts!!!

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