August 15-18, 2010 LA with Mary

I went with Mary to LA to help her move Colleen out of her apartment and into a house. We left on Sunday morning and got to LA at a decent time and the move started. It was great that I had the truck cause we packed that thing several times and didn't stop till we had everything out. Colleen was working alot so we didn't hang out with her too much, but Mary & I did get to go out one night to an "Advanced Screening" of a movie that is just coming out. It's called You Again. When we got to the screening the took our cell phones, cameras, and searched our purses. It is pretty secretive to see a movie before it is in theatres.

Funny thing is that I only took two pictures, and this is one of them. After our screening we stopped at a little restaurant and had a late dinner.

I don't have any of us moving boxes and furniture in a grocery shopping cart, it works so awesome. I don't have any of the cute house that Colleen moved into and I also don't have any of how Mary & I got to arrange all the cabinets in the kitchen. I guess I'll have to go back and take some and get all those things I didn't the first time. Even one of Colleen would be nice!!!

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