September 18, 2010 You Gotta Have Sole

Kev and Alicia had to celebrate their birthday at Grandma & Papa's Anniversry party since it fell on their actual day. They both said that it was nice of everyone to throw them such a big party!!

But the funniest thing happened. Lance invites Kev to go to the bar to do a birthday shot. Kev gets up and kind of does this little trip thing. I look down and the sole to his shoe is sitting on the ground. I pick it up and tell Alicia to tell Kev half his shoe is still at the table. He didn't even notice. We laughed so hard, he was walking around with no sole on his shoe. He decided he was going to tie it back on so he was taking ribbons from the gifts on the tables to use.

Then he tries to wear it as a sandal with no luck.

The shot still happened and as the night went on so did more shots so who needs soles on their shoes?

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