November 26, 2010 Black Friday

I have never been out shopping on Black Friday, usually because I am at work or better yet, sleeping!! This year Alicia said she was going out and was going to buy a TV so I told her I would go with her. AMAZING!! People standing in line after line to get some great deals. I know for some it's a tradition and can be lots of fun, but for me I'm not really sure how I feel about it.

Our morning was pretty fun I have to admit. We stood in line at Target and watched person after person come out with a TV and Alicia was freaking that she wasn't going to get one. And of course she was right, these people had been in line since the night before!!

We made it in the store just to get in another line in the electronics department, where she was told that the TV she was looking for was over in the clothing department and they were out. Oh well, nice try. We grabbed a few other things, and once again got in another line to pay.

As we waited in line this girl came walking down the aisle dragging a TV and I heard her say to some people behind us that she was putting it back. I told Alicia "go follow that girl she's putting her TV back." She jumped out of line and went in search of her but didn't know which way she went. Oh well, nice try again. So I am in line with our few random products and up comes Alicia to get back in line.....dragging her new 32" TV. The girl had just left it where she had found it, in the clothing department, go figure, and Alicia had found it just sitting there. She looked around, no one was claiming it, it was now hers!!!! Success on Black Friday.

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