November 9, 2010 Teacher's Helper

I opened the door and the teacher said "Hi Mom" heads turned and a few kids said that's your mom? Then she told the class this is my mom say hello to Mrs Gonzales. And all together the kids said Hi Mrs Gonzales. So cute!!

I had told Alicia that I would come volunteer in her class, and to just let me know what I needed to do and when she wanted me to come. So she was at the house and said she had some work for me and would I come help her. I sat in the back of the room watching my baby up in the front of the room teaching!!!! I couldn't help but feel so proud. I also found myself doing everything she said. Sit up in your chair, turn around, eyes up front, pencils down and on and on. Plus there was Henry that got his name yelled out several times while I was there. All of a sudden Alicia would just say "Henry." Turns out Henry was the one that I could hear singing. He just bursts out in song whenever he gets a whim. She said this goes on all day, he doesn't even know he is doing it. "Henry"

I did have a few kids talk to me. One boy said, don't you think she should be married by now? I told him no not yet. Then a little girl came up and asked me if I was really Alicia's mom and I said yes, and she said I like your hair. Another little boy wanted to know why I didn't bring Leo (the stuffed lion we have, Alicia had shown them pictures). I told him it was too heavy and he wanted to know why I didn't bring my husband and when I told him he was at work he wanted to know what he did. The funny thing is, I found myself answering all his questions!!!

I stayed til lunch time, and sat and had lunch with Alicia and the other 4th grade teachers. Later in the day she told me the kids wanted to know when I was coming back and they just really didn't understand how I could be her mom, being white and all. What a fun morning and I just loved the teacher, she was awesome!!

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