November 8, 2010 Crown King

It was Kev's day off and we decided to spend the day out on a quad ride. Kev wanted to try a new trail so we went out behind Lake Pleasant and set out to ride all the way to Crown King. It was a long tough ride. There were some parts of the trail that were very rough and rocky. After about 2 hours of riding and it seemed like the trail was getting worse as we went Kev decided he had had enough. We figured we still had about 10 more miles to go. Nice day for a ride, but a little too rough of a trail for me.

After we had been riding on the same road for miles we came upon this rock, which was the marker to turn for the road to Crown King.

We had been riding for quite a while so Kev wanted to make sure we were going the right way and also to check how much further.

There were a few parts where we came across just some awesome color changing trees. First we were riding all through cactus and then beautiful trees.

There was one spot where Kev told me he thought he should ride my quad down the hill. It was pretty rough and very uneven. Of course once he was down I told him I could have done that, afterall I had to ride up it!!

So yeah.....Crown King still never been there!!!

On the way back to the truck we came across this couple walking. Their jeep had broken down and they were walking back to their truck. We gave them a ride on the quads and when we got to their truck they realized how far they would have had to walk, I am guessing by the time we picked them up they had already walked about 5 miles and they had probably another 15 to go!!! Our good deed for the day :)

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