August 11, 2012 Brother & Sisters at Janet's

We were all up at Janet's for the weekend, or at least all the adults were. Some of the kids, Nicole, Pam, Richie & Alicia also made it.  And of course there always has to be a time for picture taking.  We took some pictures with just brother & sisters and then we did all the sisters & sister in law and then all of us.  It just seemed to go on and on.  

Then the pictures started to get silly.  We were moving around, making jokes, we didn't know where to look for the next picture.  Cause again, it was going on and on.  In this picture it seems like Dick and I are the only ones who knows who is taking this picture and we are definitely getting caught.  
 There was this log just out past Jan's property that we thought would be a good place for a picture so off went Kerry and I to take a picture.  Aren't we so cute?  It's actually hard to balance on a log and lift your leg and still look cute.  Try it if you think I'm kidding.
So then Dick decided to join us and you can see how he feels about hanging out with us.  
 Then everyone started to wander out to the log for you guessed it, more pictures.  Now the picture thing has been going on for a while so the more we took, the sillier they got.  And evidently in this one, Janet didn't see what everyone else was pointing at.

But then she saw it!!!!
Then as we all sat there, we decided we all needed to have a stick for the picture so we all grabbed sticks.

  But Janet wasn't happy with her stick and she wanted Dick's Stick.
 After we each got our sticks then came the bark hats.  You know, a big chunk of tree bark that fits on your head.  A bark hat.  Janet and Barbara are just taking it all in cause they didn't want a bark hat of their own.

And then finally a good Brother & Sisters photo on the log, no not on the deck, but the log.    

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