Lava Caves

Diane was out here to visit and go on a river rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.  After she had done that we met up at Janet's house.  She had never been to the Lava Caves so we went there to check them out.  I had been there twice before but would only go down into them a little ways.  Once I couldn't see daylight anymore I would turn around.  The last time I went was with Alicia & Veronica in May and they had gone all the way in and when they came out they were talking about how cool they were etc. and I was a little bummed I didn't keep going with them.  So I decided I wanted to see what they looked like.  Kev, Diane, her friend Ron and I all decided we were going to go all the way in.  I was a little scared but just kept going and talking to myself that it was all going to be okay and it was just like any other hike, only this one was dark.
Kev, starting the climb into the caves.
I am about a mile into the caves, you can see how it is all open. 
There was a small area that you had to bend over to get through.  
 I was taking pictures hoping they would come out.  
Kev & Ron waiting for Diane & I to come out.  
We survived.  We made it all the way to the end and back out.  
 Funny story though, once we got back in the truck and were headed back to Janet's I had to have Kev pull over so I could throw up.  I think I was so anxious and nervous about going into the caves and getting back out that I got sick.  LOL

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