Kev Loves Mountain Biking

We took our bikes up camping again to try out some more biking in the pines.  There is a real nice trail down to the lake, it's all paved and very smooth.  We did that one day and it was pretty fun.  A little bit of a struggle back to the truck cause it did have a few inclines, but it was a paved path and easy to ride.  

Now let's go to another bike ride.  There is a wilderness trail that Kev and I have hiked a few times and we like it because it is pretty secluded and we usually see some animals. In fact, it's the trail we saw a bear on once.  Kev thought it would be a trail that we could take our bikes on.  The ride started out ok, but I felt like I was really struggling.  When we stopped to catch our breath, I said to Kev "why is this so hard? I feel like I am having such a hard time."  His response was, "we're going up hill and this really sucks."  Oh well, I really was kind of enjoying it so we jumped back on our bikes and kept going.  We ended up going about 2 1/2 miles and finally Kev had had enough.  He got off his bike and again said "This Sucks" and then threw his bike and kicked it.  I was laughing so hard.  At that point we turned around and I was determined to ride all the way back to the truck but check out Mr Pissy.  LOL  In his defense his bike is a piece of crap, and he can actually walk faster then he can ride it when we are going over rocks and bumps etc.  But it's something different and I would do it again, only it will have to be by myself.  

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