August 29, 2012 Janet's Awesome

Jan is applying for a huge promotion at NAU.  I was amazed at all the work that goes into just the application process.  She had been working on it for a few weeks, yes I said weeks, and a couple of days when I was there I tried to give her some help. It was like mom take your daughter to work day.  LOL  Along with all the essays and questions she has to answer, she has to submit ALL kinds of paperwork.   Now to get this all together she has to copy a ton of stuff and then make up binders with everything in them.  I can't even explain all the work that is involved and how hard she worked on it.  

 But the point of this story is that I did see some of her reviews from previous students and let me tell you, everyone said she was such a great teacher.  They said she really helped explain the work to make it understandable, she was easy to talk to and get assistance from, her teaching methods are great.  And on and on and on.  It was really cool to read.  It's not that I thought there would be anything bad on them but it's just so impressive to know that she is so well liked and respected on top of being  really really good at what she does.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.   

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